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Erika's Elite Fleet Unit

Team Building


Moving Up!  Building Your Team!  Let's Get Started Today!

Click Here:  Tell Us What You Think Form
(to use at parties/facials - everyone fills out, perhaps after you do Ticket Marketing)

Click Here: 
What's In It For Me Form
(to put in reorder bags or to use at parties/facials after you do Ticket Marketing)

You can go on-target for the prestigious Queen's Court of Sharing at Seminar 2007 when you achievre the Bee Focused! Challenge!  The more qualified new personal team members you add, the greater your rewards!

10+ new team members 7/1/06-11/30/06 ~ receive silver-tone bee earrings featuring a green stone.
16+ new team members 7/1/06-2/28/07 ~ be recognized at Career Conference and receive a silver-tone necklace with a bee charm featuring a green stone.
24+ new team members 7/1/06-6/30/07 ~ onstage recognition at Seminar 2007 plus your choice of a dazzling diamond bee pin with emerald eyes or magnificent diamond bee ring, plus a silvert-tone bee bracelet with bee charm featuring a green stone.

I have recently added some new documents to my Personal Recruiting Notebook!  Here are the following documents that I have added;
A: Click Here:  Angelee's Picture Pages
I recommend you make this page(s) your own. Add pictures, weekly summary sheets, time sheets, etc!
B:  Click Here:  IT'S A CHOICE 
(Showing this page to your prospects shows that choosing a Mary Kay business is choosing a different PATH for their life - you now DO HAVE CHOICES!  Show the pictures and check and discuss how THEIR life could change for the better!)
(You and your possible new team member can fill this out AT THE INTERVIEW and you can show her where and how she can fit the Mary Kay business into her current situation!)
D:  Click Here:  CAREER PATH
(This sheet is perfect for the DETAIL ORIENTED person or the LEADER.  They would love to see how they can go from point A to point B in the Career Path.  Personality types "I" and "S" wouldn't be as interested in this sheet in the beginning. )

Recruiting Basics

5-Point Recruiting Plan  

How to Select Your Prospects  

The Interview   

Facial in a Bag Marketing 1-Sheet Flyer
(Avenues of Income & Yearly Income vs Number of Shows)

Need Help Overcoming Objections?
Become the Master!
Print these
Objections Flashcards 
out and memorize them.... 



Click Here to Print 

I think you are, so...make a list of 30 Sharp Women.  When you call all 30 women with this script below, 15 of them will agree to sit down with you & listen to career opportunity.  You should then add 3-5 consultants to your team!
"Hi _____, this is _____ with Mary Kay.  Do you have a quick minute?  I'm really excited because I've been challenged to share the Mary Kay product & career information with 30 women in the next 2 weeks.  I immediately thought of you because you are like the sharpest woman I know.  I don't know if this is anything you would ever consider for yourself, but I will give you a FREE lipgloss of lipstick just for sitting down for 30 min with me.  We can do it in the evening, at lunch or the weekend, but will you please help me meet my challenge?  Great!  (Set time)  I really appreciate your time."
If possible, schedule time to sit down (or phone interview) with your DIRECTOR! 

If you can't sit down with your Director, I recommend that you use this phone interview sheet as your guide.
If she doesn't sign up immediately, just let her know that your Director is going to call her within 48 hours to get her opinion of our Marketing Plan.

How many ladies can you think of in the next 10 minutes? Make your list now!!! Call me and let me know your progress, for we are determined to make our unit the ultimate...



welcome new red jacket





TeamBuilding Is Easy

Daily Activity to Success Sheet

Tracking to Directorship

VIBE Tracking Sheet

Recruiter's Checklist

Recruiter's Debut Outline

Debut Say Yes Cards

Debut Committment Cards

Recruiter's Career Notebook

In your Recruiting Notebook, you may want to include one or more of the following
News articles!  I oftenfind the article that would "fit" my potential recruit's personality, 
and have a copy of it for her along with a Beauty Consultant Agreement.


Click here -" Inspiring Success" Gloria Mayfield Banks in
CYH Magazine

Click here - "Beyond Tupperware" from the Denver Post

Click here - "Positively Fabulous" - Gloria Mayfield Banks

Click here - "The Color of Money"

Click here - "Makeup parties making a difference"

Click here - Fresh Face of Mary Kay

Click here - Mary Kay is A-OK


Updated Starter Kit Flyer
Click here

Different ways to conduct Recruiting Interviews:
1.  Have your prospect attend your local meeting with you as a guest and be interviewed by the Sales Director at the meeting.
2.  Have your prospect call our Automated Marketing Hotline: Then do the follow up information sheet with her and turn it into your director! 

3. Use the Mary Kay Recruiting Notebook (found on Section 2 in Online Ordering  $10.00) and go through the MK Opportunity with her using this easy-to-use "flip-book"!
4.  Set up a personal call between your prospect and your director to discuss the MK Opportunity! OR Use Conf Calls. I am ready!  Willing! Able! Call ME to set up your time:

5.  At your Skin Care Classes (or any group selling appointment), do "Ticket Marketing"!  This is where you take a roll of raffle tickets with you and ask the guests to ask questions about the MK Opportunity "for a raffle ticket".  Give each guest a raffle ticket for each question that she asks about the MK business.  Once you have answered "enough questions" to have gone through the business plan, draw from the tickets for a prize!  (You may want to make a gift basket to give away made up of PCP gifts, former limited edition items that you have left over, etc.) . THEN..... ask each guest to fill out the "HAVE YOU PONDERED PINK" survey.  FROM THE SURVEYS, pick out the customers that appear to have interest in the MK opportunity and ask them if they would do one of the above with you(#1, #2, #3 or #4.) 


Marketing Plan Game Card *
Put cards in a basket and have guests try to guess what MK Blessing goes with each card...give them $1 off for each correct answer!
To get credit for your interviews, please use an interview sheet like the 'Ever Pondered Pink' Information sheet!
click here for the Ponder Pink Guest Sheet
Are you looking for a great flyer to tuck into @ customers order at end of class that will support the info they heard after playing the MKT Plan Game?
click here for a great flyer!
Thank YOU for asking for the dialogue on how to use this fun game:
click here for this information

TWO DIFFERENT WAYS to submit your New Consultant Agreement to Mary Kay:
1.  BEST AND FASTEST WAY!!!!  Send your New Consultant an Online Agreement EMAIL INVITATION from 
Go to your InTouch, log in, and go to SUBMIT A NEW AGREEMENT at far right of screen. 
SELECT Email Invitation and Email your new consultant the Online Agreement for HER to fill out and submit.
2.  Mail the Paper Agreement with Check, M/O or Credit Card (this takes much longer) t
Mary Kay Inc.
PO BOX 799041
Dallas, TX  75379-9041
(I recommend that you overnight paper agreements so that they don't get lost in the mail).

*QUALIFIED New Consultants are those consultants who submit
their Beauty Consultant Agreement and a minimum $600 wholesale
initial order or greater.


Your Future in Mary Kay - Click here for printable version!

2005-2006 Recruiting Packet

The Perfect Opportunity CD:  Click here to listen to information on "Sharing the Opportunity" from some Rhonda Shasteen, Executive Senior Sales Director Allison LaMarr and Senior Sales Director Melissa Beckett.  Click here to get the Perfect Opportunity CD Questionnaire.

Click here to get the "Perfect Opportunity CD Questionnaire"  - Thanks goes to Sarah Bennett-Moore

Understanding D.I.S.C.
     D.I.S.C. for Team Builders -  Direct from Mary Kay!
     D.I.C.S. - Understanding different personality types and how best to handle them!
     D.I.S.C. Personalities - Here is a great way to learn the different personality types we encounter every day!

The 5 Most Effective Questions to Use in Closing a New Consultant

You should have written out and committed to memory, the best closing questions that you've ever heard, because when you are closing a new consultant, you do not want to be stuck searching for the right thing to say. It is my strong recommendation that you ask questions. You can tell someone all the benefits of becoming a consultant and they can listen to you and nod their head and think to themselves, "O.K. but that's just your opinion." They have not "bought in" to what you are saying. In order for them to "buy in" to a particular idea, they may have to hear the words in their own voice. So when you ask someone a question, and they answer it, they are hearing their own voice. And if they are answering the right question, they will convince themselves.

Here are five of the most effective closing questions you can ask. The first one is,

(1) If you don't become a consultant, where do you see yourself a year from now?

This is a powerful question because you are asking them to look at what their life will be like a year from now if they don't say yes to this opportunity. The second most effective question is,

(2) If you were to become a consultant today,