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Erika's Elite Fleet Unit

Training Center

Training Center Table of Contents

The most common booking objections
Business Debuts
Great Ideas on how to get names and leads!
82 ways to get bookings!
Time Management (NEW)
Interview script
Dealing with NOs!
Replace your income
Did you Know
Starter Kit Flyer NEW!!!
Getting unstuck
$500 giveaway
Time Management
Product Knowledge NEW!!!
MK Hostess Program
$1000 Days
Customer Service Ideas
New consultant training
Our Attitude and Success
$3000 Star Selling Ideas

Booking - Updated 3/30/06 - NEW Facial Flyer!

"Never give up, because you never know if the next try is going to be the one that works. Many times you will be surrounded by adversity, but no matter what, don?t give up. Success is just around the corner for the person who refuses to quit. I remember how much courage it takes to ask that tenth person to become a Consultant or to book a class when the first nine said no. If that tenth person says yes, you can?t wait to make that next call to talk to somebody else! That?s how success inspires you."

 Mary Kay


Facial Flyer- An updated bulletin board flyer!  Attach your product labels to the bottom edge!  Created by Cathy Koning

Neighbor Letter - Use this letter to your neighbors to help bring in bookings and sales!!

Hi Neighbor!- Click here for a folded card to introduce yourself to your neighbors.  Print the pages back-to-back, cut the page in half, then fold each card in half.  This tent-fold card will fit into envelopes you can buy at the office supply store.  Enclose your business card and a sample.  Don't forget to follow up!  Created by Cathy Koning

Bridal Flyer - The perfect flyer to place in your local bridal shops!  It includes makeup tips from Robert Jones as well as a coupon and a booking incentive.  Created by Cathy Koning.

Darci's Booking Tips

Extreme Makeover Facial Boxes
      Facial Boxes (option 1) * Drawing Cards * 
Facial Boxes (option 2) * Drawing Cards *  Postcards *

Handing Out Business Cards - by Laura Schmidt and Laura Fetrow 

Secret Pal Referrals!  Your customers are your best place for referrals!  This idea has been met with great success!  Women refer their 'Secret Pals' who then receive a free facial and a $10 Secret Pal Gift Card!!!  * Instructions * Secret Pal Referral Sheet * Secret Pal Gift CardSecret Pal Postcard

Lipstick for Referrals

Need Bookings?  

Strive For Five! - by Ann Sherman.  Get the most out of your shows! Get a loyal customer that will stick with you!  Hostess Appreciation Cards:  Front  and  Back .

Is Booking A Challenge For You? - by NSD Pam Shaw

67 Ways to Find Clients

Thieves Basket - Thanks to Linda Jackson for this wonderful idea! (Terry Pace's Newsletter)

     When I was taking ending inventory and cleaning out my MK closet, I found a lot of leftovers -- a few PCP premiums, a few discontinued items. So, I gift wrapped each one individually and put them all in a basket. I took the basket with me to a skin care class and put it in the middle of the table. (Make it fancy so it will attract plenty of attention!)

Prior to the class, I told the hostess that I would have a gift for her if she had non-Mary Kay users at the class. So at the beginning of the class, I asked if we had non-MK users with us. If yes, the hostess gets to choose and open a gift from the basket. Then when I explain about hostess credit and ask for bookings, I offer anyone who books a class the opportunity to steal the hostess' gift or choose another one from the basket. If they steal, then the hostess gets to choose another gift from the basket. If a second person books, she can steal from either of the other two or select a gift from the basket.

     This idea generates a lot of excitement at the class, it gets rid of some things you don't need hanging around, and it rewards the guests for doing those things you want them to do. You can change or add to the game in order to accomplish whatever your goal might be.... for providing you with names, for listening to a company tape, for attending meeting with you, for purchasing a basic, for giving you 5 or more referrals. Use your imagination and see what happens!

     If you don't have any "leftovers" but like this idea, you might want to use bonus product gifts you received from MK that were FREE to you. Or inexpensive items from Section 2 such as the Travel Size Satin Hands set, Lipstick Case, Retractable Lip Brush, Mary Kay Autobiography, etc. Your possibilities are endless.

Booking Classes from Classes - by Lisa Madson

Afraid of Being Pushy?

Secret Pal Referrals!  Your customers are your best place for referrals!  This idea has been met with great success!  Women refer their 'Secret Pals' who then receive a free facial and a $10 Secret Pal Gift Card!!!  
InstructionsSecret Pal Referral Sheet / Secret Pal Gift CardSecret Pal Postcard 

Scheduling Appointments - Success begins with our attitude!

Friends Referral - Your customers are your best advertising!  Reward them and their friends with this idea from Pat Ringnalda.  Customers refer their friends to you, each friend receives a $10 Gift Card from you and the referring customer gets a $10 Gift Card when she refers three friends! 
Customer Card / Return Postcard / Gift Card / Gift Card (no expiration date).

Beauty At Every Age  - Here is a portfolio that was created by Donna Altepeter.  It is very well done and can be a tremendous booking tool for you!


Click Here to hear Gloria get ready to book!


It's A Girl Thing!  This fun booking idea comes from Director Shirley Grice.  Shirley puts together a fun-looking basket or bag that includes:  
3 Beauty Books
3 Look Books
Something More Tape
Living the Dream Brochure
6 Sales Tickets
It's A Girl Thing Invitations
Hostess Script/Guest List
Brownie Mix

Shirley has envelopes on the table with a card in them that says either:
1) Congratulations! You are my next hostess so please take a party bag/basket, or
2) Congratulations!  I have enjoyed sharing Mary Kay products with you tonight!  Please take a gift from the basket (wrapped gifts include PCP gifts, nail polishes, etc.)

With these envelopes on the table, say:
"Okay, who are the women at this table that are willing to take a risk?"  Only the risk takers will do this.  "Pick an envelope.  If the card says free gift, you may pick a gift.  If the card says 'you're my next hostess,' take a party bag/basket and we will set a date during your individual time with me.  Thank you so much for supporting our hostess tonight ..."

Table Cards to peak their interest during the class!

Booking Ideas
- Tons of ideas all in one place!  Print this one off and keep it handy!

Roses Booking
- Great twist on an old favorite!

Booking Attitude - The right attitude will make all the difference!


Pink Card! - Hand them your Pink Card!  Here's a warm chatter idea edited by Pat Ringnalda.  Affix your product label to your Pink Card and laminate.  Hand them out everywhere you go!  With no minimum, you are sure to get hits to your website, giving you their contact information.  But here's the catch ... they must pick their product up from your home/office which will be conveniently set up facial-ready with an attractive display!  Since they've already stopped by, they might as well take a minute and browse your collection and sample a few products!

Hot Lips Survey
This warm chatter idea utilizes lipstick samples attached to a snap ring.  Hang on your purse and just watch the attention it grabs for you!

Warm Chatter Training  

*Penny Product* Print on Avery 5160 labels and adhere to the back of your business card.  Attach a lipstick sample and hand out to everyone you meet!  Remember to get a name and phone number to follow up!
Thank-you Pat Ringnalda

Smile Back! - This is such a great warm chatter idea!  Everyone walks away feeling great!

TimeWise Survey Postcards - It's back and it's a classic!  Get your business back to basics and sell more basics!  This postcard has a survey on one side, and one of two introductions on the other.  You may choose to print the card to include in reorder bags, or use as a warm chatter!

Eye Color Warm Chatter - Print and cut our these Eye Color Application Chart and attach to sample eye colors and a business card - they make a great warm chatter!

Lipstick Personality Warm Chatter - Print this small folded personality chart two-sided on plain paper.  It can be attached to a small cello bag holding lipstick and lip gloss samples.  Don't forget to add your personal information on back!

Booking Dialogue 

Getting Names and Leads 


Fishbowls/Facial Boxes

 For the Display front
  For the Customer Survey 


Coaching - Updated 2/16/06 - NEW Cancellations!

Cancellations Driving You Nuts? - by Executive Senior Sales Director Irvene Foster

The Coaching Process  - Step-by-step, day-by-day instructions!

Hostess SpecialsHostess Credit Visual - Thank you, Kris Riley!

Outside Order Form

Girlfriend Time Hostess Packet

Coaching Checklist

Hostess Goal Setting

Full Circle Tracking - Are you working your business full-circle?  Are you properly coaching your Hostesses?  This fabulous tracking sheet is from Gloria Mayfield-Banks and it's incredible!

From LearnMK!  A coaching system that pulls it all together!
     * Hostess Flyer
     * Hostess Checklist - Side 1
     * Hostess Checklist - Side 2
     * Thank You Postcard (redesigned - personalize and it's ready to mail!)

Effective Coaching
- by Senior Director Sherry Hanes.  Great advise!

No More No Shows - A three-step plan that will virtually eliminate cancellations and no shows.



Thank you Leigh Ann Bender for this Great Script!!!

Warm Chatter

Excuse me miss, you are just so sharp and you probably think I am crazy but I am a Sales Director with Mary Kay and I have to get the opinion of 30 women today on our new microdermabrasion product.  You just look so sharp that I had to stop you!  Have you heard of microdermabrasion?  Well it costs $75-$100 per session at the dermatologist’s office, so there are lots of at-home kits on the market now because it is so popular.  (Give her the sample)  All you have to do is take this cute little packet home and try it before you go to bed.  The first step is a scrub that you use after you wash your face.  Wet your face with water and massage the scrub in.  Then wash it off.  The second step is a serum that you put on your face and leave on to help the skin.  Now if I could just get your name and number so I can call you tomorrow evening to do a quick 2 minute survey that would be great.  Thanks so much for helping me, I really appreciate it!


Hi Suzie!  It’s Leigh Ann Bender, we met at the cosmetics counter at Burdine’s yesterday.  Do you have a quick minute?  I just wanted to go over the survey on the microdermabrasion product.  Did you get to try the product yet?

a.       Yes?  Ok great then let’s get started, this won’t take but a minute

b.      No?  Oh it’s ok!  Why don’t you try it tonight and I’ll try to back again tomorrow evening.


  1. Tell me how you used the product?  (this is to make sure she used it properly by washing off step 1 and leaving on step 2)

  1. Did your face feel smooth and clean afterwards?

  1. Did you see a difference in your skin texture?  Did your pores look smaller?  Did you see your skin glow?

  1. Did you notice any redness after using Step 1? 

    1. No?  Ok great!  That’s wonderful. 
    2. You did?  Well that’s very common since your skin is getting a very deep cleaning.  Did the irritation go away after using Step 2?  Great!

  1. Now Suzie, our product retails for $55 per set and that gives you about 45 uses.  Do you think this is a reasonable price?

Closing & Additional Booking

Thanks so much for your help, Suzie!  You don’t know how much you have helped me!  Listen, I also have to get 30 sharp women’s opinions on the rest of our skin care line that work together with the microdermabrasion.  I would love for you to try the entire line.  If you do this and get 2 of your friends to join us, I’ll give you that $55 microdermabrasion set for free!  What works best for you, this week or next?  Morning or evening? 

               *   MICRO BOOK 10 CHALLENGE  *

Thank you Dana McLawhorn for this info.

If you don't have bookings then you are on your way out of business... do what you can to get 5 classes booked...then use this Method of Staying on the Books With Referrals and Getting Bookings from Bookings!!!

Click Here For All The Info!!


Who Wants to Spin To Win!!!
Chris Gray rented a table at a local "May Fair" and got tons of names and booked several awesome facials!!!

Check out her cool Spin to Win Wheel that her wonderful husband, Steve, made!!!
It was a HUGE hit of the fair!!!

Anyone who booked a facial got to spin the wheel for a prize!!

Chris' table displays were AWESOME!!!!
Wow, Chris I looove your Mother's Day Poem

IMAGINE taking Chris' wonderful ideas and setting up your own awesome set up at a Festival, Fair, Or even a Customer Appreciation Day at a Local Business!

(Thanks to Jen Semelsberger for the awesome ideas!)


WOW!!!! Look at Amy Reed and Nicole Meier in Florida they did a job fair and
had an amazing display and got lots of names and numbers!!!!! 
Take this Idea and RUN with it!

Call Colleges, Chamber of Commerce, etc to find out about local job fairs. This can be a great way to meet people and build your team!

Wow -- we just looove your display!!!


Add this ONE IDEA to your:
*Regular Skin Care Classes
*Preferred Customer Program Follow Up & Participation
*Interviews & Team Building

TimeWise Survey Postcards - It's back and it's a classic!  Get your business back to basics and sell more basics!  This postcard has a survey on one side, and one of two introductions on the other.  You may choose to print the card to include in reorder bags, or use as a warm chatter!

Make your December
nothing less th



Body Beautiful Class!
Here's a postcard to promote our new Perfect Presents body care sets!  Hostess's earn a Body Miracle Set when they host a Body Beautiful Class with five or more guests!  
Body Beautiful Class


It's A Girl Thing!

This fun booking idea comes from Director Shirley Grice.  Shirley puts together a fun-looking basket or bag that includes:  
3 Beauty Books
3 Look Books
Something More Tape
Living the Dream Brochure
6 Sales Tickets
It's A Girl Thing Invitations
Hostess Script/Guest List
Brownie Mix

Shirley has envelopes on the table with a card in them that says either:
1) Congratulations! You are my next hostess so please take a party bag/basket, or
2) Congratulations!  I have enjoyed sharing Mary Kay products with you tonight!  Please take a gift from the basket (wrapped gifts include PCP gifts, nail polishes, etc.)

With these envelopes on the table, say:
"Okay, who are the women at this table that are willing to take a risk?"
Only the risk takers will do this.  "Pick an envelope.  If the card says free gift, you may pick a gift.  If the card says 'you're my next hostess,' take a party bag/basket and we will set a date during your individual time with me.  Thank you so much for supporting our hostess tonight ..."

Table Cards to peak their interest during the class!

Miracle Sale!
Your customers are your best place for referrals!  Even if you haven't been able to get her to book a class, she may refer a friend or two on the chance that she could earn her Miracle Set for half price!  Mail her this postcard are follow up!!!
Miracle Sale Postcard

Ultimate Miracle Placemat

Page 2


Includes our new MK Intense Moisturizer!  Print two-sided and laminate for your skin care classes!

This side highlights the reasons why women choose Mary Kay!  Now includes the Pontiac Vibe!

Customers 'pick a pocket' to design their own travel rollup! 

Eye Primer Samples
This is a great postcard to promote our awesome new MK Signature Eye Primer!  Get these in the mail today!!!  Eye Primer Postcard   

Selling Mistakes - This is a list of the most common selling mistakes.  A look at this could change the way you do business.   and could increase your bottom line!

Yard Sale! 
Customers measure their purchases to determine their discount!  When they lay their product end-to-end along a yardstick, their discount is the number of inches the product reaches - up to 36%!  You'll be surprised at how many customers will purchase more just to reach 36 inches.  And you'll find it almost always adds up to $100 if they reach 36 inches!  Ready-to-print postcard! 

$1000 Day!
This can be done even if your customer base is small.  With as few as 11-17 calls, you can be 'in the money!'  Accept your Director's challenge and hold a $1000 Day!!!  This postcard should be mailed out to your customers no more than one week prior to your sale.  On the day of the sale, when the phone isn't ringing - call them!!!  Ready-to-print Postcard!   Publisher version of this postcard is available for anyone in our unit, just email Cathy.

Silent Hostess - Selling new Spring products will be easy!  Here is a form for your Silent Hostess!  Thank you, Betsy Richard!

Tulip Sale - This is a simple postcard to send to your customers.  They purchase two lip products and get one free.  The postcard offers a free Lip Trio Case to the first ten customers who call you.  Lip Trio Case is available now on the MK Pink Sale for only $5 for a pack of 5!

Velocity Sets - This flyers highlights great sets for your Velocity Girls!

Hydrator Postcard - This postcard has room to attach a sample of either MK Intense Moisturizing Cream or Oil Free Hydrating Gel.

Eye Cream Sale - This postcard alerts customers to the Spring Look Book that will be coming soon!  Then suggests they try the Eye Cream sample and call to place their order with you!

Crazy Daisy Sale - Everyone is itching for warmer weather.  This Open House invitation will make your customers feel like Spring is here!  Buy small potted plants to attach their discount to - decorating and purchase incentive all at once!

Spring Cleaning - An old favorite I hauled out of the closet!  Encourage your customers to hold a Spring Cleaning Party.  The class features a 'trash it' theme - out with the old and in with the new (Mary Kay, of course!).

Preferred Customer Program
More, More More Video!
Independent Sales Directors saw it at Leadership Conference 2004. Now the Preferred Customer Program video is available to YOU online. It's easy to check out the great ways this program can help you build more customers, more sales, more success! Simply click on the link below that describes your Internet connection.

? Watch video over dial up connection.
? Watch video over high speed connection.

Star Certificates - Sell 18 Star Certificates and you're a Star Consultant!!!

Gift Certificates  -  On a recent Conference Call our guest speaker, Deb Dudas, told us about a New Consultant who sold $600 in Gift Certificates which allowed her to place her first order!  This would also be a great way to get your Star Order in!  Certificates make great stocking stuffers, too!  I have created difference denominations - remember to print them two-sided and add your personal information on back.  All of these are available in a Publisher '98 or Publisher '02 version which you can edit yourself.  If you would like a Publisher version, please contact Cathy at
     $25 Gift Certificate
     $50 Gift Certificate
     $75 Gift Certificate
     $100 Gift Certificate

Neglected Customer Letter - This is a letter for those customers you haven't seen for awhile.  Start the new year by providing better customer service!

Hand Facials -  An on-the-go appointment is an easy way to market products. Independent Senior Sales Director Julie Potts from Alpharetta, Georgia, teaches the Independent Beauty Consultants in her unit to do 10-minute hand facials while they are on the go. They can easily be done during a lunch hour or at a basketball game, anywhere there is a sink nearby. 

To conduct hand facials, you will want to have samples or demos of the products mentioned below. Julie also has a Travel Roll-Up Bag on hand, filled with the Beauty Essentials sets so she can upsell glamour and skin supplements as well.

At each step of the hand facial, you'll want to be sure to share the benefits of each item, including the results of using TimeWise that are presented in the Beauty Book.

You may suggest the customer apply the products in the following order:

Step 1 Apply TimeWise 3-in-1 Cleanser on the back of the right hand. Rinse off.
Step 2 Apply TimeWise Age-Fighting Moisturizer on the back of the right hand
Step 3 Apply Day Solution with Sunscreen SPF 15 on the right hand.
Step 4 Apply Night Solution on another area of the right hand.
Step 5 Apply Mary Kay Foundation on the back of both hands. Point out the difference in how the foundation blends and looks on the hand that was first "primed" with the TimeWise products.
Step 6 Finish with the first three steps of Satin Hands on both hands to remove the foundation. For the fourth step, Julie substitutes the TimeWise Visibly Fit Body Lotion for the Satin Hands Hand Cream to help promote the purchase of the Day Spa products in pocket 4.

Julie teaches Consultants to have a Miracle Set and a Day Spa Set ready for the customer to take home. (The suggested retail price is $152.) She also encourages them to include a team-building brochure and to book a follow-up appointment. 

Customer Birthdays -  Send them a Look Book at the beginning of the month so you have all month to do follow up with her!  Check out this poem:  Customer Birthdays.  Enclose it in your Look Book.  They will love you for just remembering.  I would rather she know I remembered her birthday AND get my book in her hands once again - offering her a birthday 'month' special!

Shop 'n Sample -
Here is an idea that will make the most of your deliveries!  When you get a reorder ... don't just pop it in the mail or deliver it when the customer is at work!  Arrange for a delivery time, and ask if they have 5-10 minutes to "Shop 'n Sample!"  I take the black sample zip carry bag (MK Connections) and fill all the pages with all the samples in every category imaginable.  The reorder customer gets their delivery with me and 10 minutes to "Shop 'n Sample" through my samples and take as many as she wants that she would like to try ... lipsticks, glosses, eye shadows, blushes, etc.  I have had some customers take as many as 10-12.  They get 58 hours to try them and when they place an order of $40+ from their samples they get $5 off.  Many of these customers are not interested in classes, but with this concept - they are loving it!  From ESD Irene Shea - Great idea, Irene!

This is a page of great ideas for your Phon-a-thon and scripts to back them up!  Check the figures, with just a few phone calls, your $200 Wholesale order could be paid for!

Spa Day
Here is a great idea that could net you a $1000+ Day!!!  Set aside a Saturday as your Spa Day and schedule as many of your customers as possible.  Five classes in one day - there's something for everyone! * Script *
9:00 AM - Beauty Brunch (Summer Colors)
                    * serve brunch - bagels and fruit salad
11:30 AM - Tea Time and COOL Summer Skin Care
                    * serve iced team and lemon cookies
2:00 PM - Caribbean Cruise Class (Fake the Bake!)
                    * serve pineapple and tropical punch, teach bronzing beads
5:00 PM - Mini Facials (15 minutes and you're on your way)
                    * serve crackers and cheese or chips and dip
7:30 PM - Pajama Party featuring Forever Young Skin Care
                    * serve popcorn and soda pop!  Prize for cutest PJ's!

Do-It-Yourself Cup of Tea!
Spring can be hectic.  When your customers are too busy for an Open House, send them a tea bag with the following poem attached.  Or attach them both to a "Look Book" and use as a Warm Chatter ball games and swim classes!  Ready-to-print Postcard!

Pass the TimeWise Bag!
Great to use in offices!  One person takes home the TW set and uses it that night and the next morning.  She brings it back and gives it to the next person to use that night and the next morning and so on until everyone in the office has their turn!  This gets the product on everyone's face with no effort from you and will sell basics!  Set up the appointment with all those who want to purchase to type their foundation shade and watch your sales soar!

Cash Game - Your customer earns cash while generating new leads for you!  It's a win-win situation!

100 Items
Focus on selling 100 items in 30 days.  Number a piece of paper and keep track of each item sold.  It has been helpful to me to mark the calendar half way through.  Verify that you are on track and not falling behind.  Charting progress is not only motivating, it creates self-discipline.

Mascara Marathon
Ask every one you know, every one you meet, if they need mascara.  Every one wears mascara, right?  Tell them you are in a Mascara Marathon, and that if they purchase two, their name will go into a drawing for a $10 Gift Certificate.  Tell your friends that if they sell 10 mascaras for you, you will give them one FREE!  When 10 people sell 10, that's 100!  Sell 100 mascaras - $850!

Success in scheduling appointments begins with our attitude.

We have to believe that everyone deserves to have a makeover and everyone deserves to wear the product. It helps to believe that when a woman wears Mary Kay, she likes herself better. She may even yell at her kids lessshe will make a better wife, mother, employee, etc. That all may seem a little extreme, but it is meant to stress the importance of believing that you are doing a SERVICE. If you feel like people are having a facial or skincare class for you as a favor, it will come across as a lack of confidence. I know that there will be times when some people will schedule because you need their help in reaching a goal, etc. However most of the time, it will be because of your enthusiasm for the product and how excited you are to share it with them or to get their opinion.

The question should never be, Would you be interested.?

If you dont know whether she would be interested or not, she will doubt her interest. Instead, the question should be, "Has anyone treated you to a makeover recently? Do you currently have a consultant who is servicing you? No? Then I want to make you a priority in my schedule to treat you to one. In fact, you can be a model in our Million Mile Makeover Contest!  (Then tell her about that.) I cant wait to get your opinion of our new products!

If the objection is that she tried it before and it broke her out, find out how long ago it was and then you might say, Oh good, I have been looking for someone who had that problem. If I were willing to do a makeover and work with you, would you be willing to be a model in our contest and give me your opinion of the new Mary Kay (or my facial)?

If the objection is that she wears Brand X, you might say, Oh good, I have been looking for someone who uses that brand to get their opinion of how the New Mary Kay compares.

Even if you end up still preferring Brand X, I would enjoy the time with you and treating you to a new look.and I sure would value your opinion. Which is best in your schedule, mornings or evenings.Tuesdays or Thursdays, etc.? NEVER run down another product.

BELIEVE that you have one of the best products available and that YOUR service is the best. Be so busy that you are working people in on your schedule. People love to do business with successful people. ARE such a person! Have fun scheduling!!!

The ABCs of Booking (Things to keep in mind when booking!)
We are offering a service. You have the product that the customer should have. By finding you they have the best consultant because you have confidence in the product, the company and yourself.  Learn to appreciate your customers. Have an attitude of gratitude.  Customer care will take you everywhere.

Business Cards: Use them for EVERYTHING! Include one when you send in bill payments. Never give one out without getting the persons name and phone number or their card in exchange. Write on them where you met her and what she looks like. When you leave a tip in a restaurant, leave your card. Give some to your best customers to give out - remind them to make sure they get the persons name and number.

Choices: Offering choices and youll be helping them pick a date for an appointment. Whats better for you, the first part of the week or the last?, Morning or afternoon?

Datebook: A consultants very best friend. Keep it full. The busier the better. It is the most valuable aide you possess. Record all your facials, classes, unit meetings, recruiting interviews and workshops in it. People like to do business with busy, successful people.

Enthusiasm: For the booking, coaching, selling and recruiting is the key. I am looking forward to letting you try our new colours. Youre going to love them! Just wait until you see the Spa Collection! Let your hostesses take advantage of every kind of class - skin care, advanced glamour, nail care, sun management, pamper sessions.

Facial Boxes: Use them!! Florists, ladies retail stores, hair salons, doctors and dentists offices. With Mary Kay, there is no such thing as a money problem only an idea problem!

Goal: Have a goal. Hostesses need goals too. They must have a reason for keeping the show date and enthusiasm when booking guests. Be it a hostess gift or free or discounted product - they need something to work towards.

Hostess Coaching: Clearly define the hostess role in the class and it will result in higher class sales and outside sales (insurance).
Outside orders also provide you with referral lists and leads to additional bookings and recruiting interviews. Proper hostess coaching will avoid postponements and cancellations.

Image: Always look the part of a beauty consultant, you never know who youll run into. SMILE! Ask yourself: Am I wearing my product? Do I look professional and poised? Do I look like I am all together? Am I wearing my Mary Kay pin or another piece of company jewellery?

Joy: Have fun!! This is not a hard business. Enjoy your business. Life is not a dress rehearsal. Positivity attracts positivity. People will build a bridge to an island of happiness. 

Keep a list of people for possible facials. If you have a postponement you can call someone else. Hi Jane! Its Stephanie from Mary Kay calling. I cant wait to show you our new Spa Collection. Is there any reason why I couldnt pay you a half hour visit? No pity parties allowed.

Ladder of Success: Climb the ladder of success by consistently placing orders. Have plenty of inventory to serve your customers.

Men: Skin care for men! Who do you know? Husbands, friends, business associates, team mates.

No: Dont take no literally. No may mean maybe and it may even mean yes. Maybe means yes eventually. No is a safe word. People can always change their minds later. Yes is too much of a commitment for them.  Even if they say no, Is there any reason why we couldnt tentatively book a date for later this month?

Opportunities: They really are everywhere. Listen for dialogue openings. A true story: A director was in the cosmetics area of a department store and overheard a woman complaining that a certain company didnt service her well and never had her shade of foundation.  The director waited outside the store and approached the woman as she walked out. I couldnt help but overhear how disappointed you were. I am a director with Mary Kay. I know I have a foundation shade just right for you. Is there any reason why.... You see, opportunities do present themselves, you just have to listen.

Pamper Treatment: If you hear someone in a grocery store line-up say I am so tired!, turn around and say Then you deserve a pamper session! I am a consultant for Mary Kay Cosmetics and I am booking appointments for Tuesday and Thursday, which is better for you? Make sure you have your datebook with you!

Queen: Treat your hostesses like Queens! Everyone at the class will want to be treated the same way and book their facial/class. Give the royal treatment to all your customers.

Responses: Make sure yours is always positive. If someone objects by saying Its too cold out turn it around into, Well, itll be warming to get together with a couple of friends. Romance everything. Turn their frowns upside down.

Schedules: Schedule your appointments as soon after the initial contact as possible. Keep them hot! Hostesses will pick the date furthest down the road. Book only for the next two weeks. The later the date, the more likely of a postponement.

Thank Yous: Be quick to show gratitude. Hostesses love recognition and appreciation. Send thank you notes to hostesses before the class if possible.

Dear Mary,

I just wanted to thank you for scheduling your check up facial with a few  friends. I have everything organized for June 10.  I am really thrilled about this opportunity. Well have a wonderful time. Cant wait to see your new look!

Thank you,

Unique: You are unique and special. Just be the best that you can be and do the best that you can do. Everything will fall into place. Look at everyone as if they are wearing a sign that says Make me feel special or important.

Variety: Offer your customers variety. Take impulse items along with you to your re-order deliveries. They deserve everything they want.  Romance nail care, body care, gift baskets and free delivery. People dont know how much you know until they know you care.

Women: They love to buy, but they do not want to be sold. By teaching skin care and colour cosmetics youll find the side effect is selling Mary Kay! Our soft sell techniques really work. Belief in the product, company and yourself transfers over to the customer.

Xtra mile: Go one step further with your customer service. Be quick to respond to a query, refund or product return. Always keep a promise.Your reputation will be a booking magnet.

You: Take time for yourself. You also deserve a pamper treatment. Use an answering machine during mealtime. Exercise! Take time for family. Remember you career comes third - not tenth.

Zillions: Yes, you will have zillions of bookings in your datebook with skill, techniques and a Mary Kay attitude. Its fun to scan your datebook and see no blanks!

----- THANKS PAULA YOUNT by way of Kathy Goff!
                                    PACK...QUICK CA$H!
                                    Fun Packet...
                                    an excellent idea to use with a silent hostess; imagine 
                                    3 out in one week!!!
                                    You have received your "FUN PACKET".  In this packet you will find a couple of
                                    my Look Book's and Beauty Book's that include the latest Gift Ideas and my
                                    entire Mary Kay product line. There may be 
                                    some items that are Limited Edition items and will only be available 
                                    while supplies last!  Please make sure to fill each of the 25 lines/spaces on
                                    your cover sheet.  If you do finish your page and need more additional
                                    lines/spaces, just number from 26-50 on an additional page!
                                      Have Fun!
                                    When you fill the 25 spaces with names/addresses/phones, 
                                    YOU will CHOOSE $40 of ANY Mary Kay Products 
                                    for just $4!  This is my "Thank You Gift" to you!  
                                    *Fill 50 spaces YOU CHOOSE $90 of product for just $5!!! 
                                    Remember to advise your customers they can pay with cash, check, 
                                    Master Card, Visa or Discover.  Use pink tickets only for Master Card, Visa, and
                                    Discover orders and make sure you 
                                    double check the card numbers, expiration dates and have customers sign the
                                    ticket and give her the second page 'customer copy' of the ticket. 
                                    If you run out of tickets, I will put a receipt in their bag along with 
                                    their product.  
                                    Products will be available to you within 3-5 days (or less) 
                                    of the date you turn your orders in to me.  
                                    Thank you and feel free to call me with any questions!  
                                    I am as excited as you area about 
                                    YOUR FUN PACK!

Go team, go!