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Erika's Elite Fleet Unit

Monthly Ideas

Some files are large and may take a while to open.

Angelee's Customer Office....




Your Mary Kay Handbook
Your Preparation Time Table AND Holiday Handbook
Believe it or not - preparation begins in SEPTEMBER!!!
* Holiday 2006 Handbook * Part 1.
* Holiday 2006 Handbook  * Part 2.
* Holiday 2006 Handbook * Part 3.

* Holiday Sales Plan *
Put your plan in place and develop the map to sales success!  Work with your family to set your goals and involve them in your schedule.  Your holidays will go much smoother and you will be able to work with less stress with everyone
 working together for your combined success!

* Keep Your Focus! *


Holiday 2006 Strategy Guide 

thank you!

Everything you need is only a click away!



Pretty Packaging/Pretty Presents

* Great Packaging Helpers *

Prettily packaged product reorders can let your customers see your services in a new light,
 and thereby help expand the 'gift-giving' area of your business.

In addition, for holiday and other gift-giving opportunities, there will be an added incentive to buy from YOU!

Order your gift wrapping and packaging products now in order to be prepared.


  Holiday Coffee - Selling Events   

Holiday Coffee - Great Instructions! *
Thank you Senior Director Kathy Ahlwardt 
and Future Ex. Sr. Sales Director Susan Finley

 * Holiday Coffee - Outline *

* Holiday Coffee - Postcard Invitation *

* Holiday Coffee - Postcard Confirm *

* Holiday Products - Roll and Show *
Thank you Debbie Perkins 

* Table Top Coffees *
Thank you Pat Ringnalda

* Holiday Bucks *
Thank you Paula Grabau-Friedt

* MK Bucks

* Sense-ual Gift Brochure


Holiday Class Ideas 

* Silent Hostess *

* Holiday 'Book' Show *

* Holiday Hostess Flyer
Thank you Pat Ringnalda 

* Test Panel *
Introduce new products by asking women to 'test drive' them!
Thank you Gail Langner

Holiday Brush Set Promotion *
 Promote a free Brush Set to your Hostesses and potential-Hostesses with this great flyer! 

Half Price or Free! *
Use at classes for booking AND put in all reorder bags

* Holiday Gift Reminder List
Thank you Pam Garner Moore



Wish Lists    

Get wish lists from your customers when they reorder, at classes, at your open house, etc! 

This section will be expanding - keep checking back!

* Santa Wish List *
(postcard mailer)
Thank you Pat Ringnalda

* Secret Santa Wish List *

* Elf List *

* Holiday/Everyday Wish List *
Thank you Pam Garner Moore

12 Days of Christmas Sales Theme

* 12 Days Brochure *

* 12 Days Instructions *

* 12 Days Gift Tags *

* 12 Days Gift Tags *
option 2

* 'Pillow' Gift Card *

* 12 Days Pictures *

* 12 Days Husband Letter *

* Script For Calling Husbands *

* 12 Days Romantic Poem *

* 12 Ways To Say "I Love You" *


      Holiday Placemat Options       

    * Holiday Create A Roll Up *

           * 'Wrap-It-Up' Closing Placemat *
                                        Thank you Polly Pace

* Wrap-It-Up Placemat *
It's almost too good to be true - another good choice just for you!
Thank you Sherril Steinman

* Holiday Placemat *
A 4th option for you!


Personal Shopper/Gift Baskets/Executive Services
  Offer your personal services to make THEIR shopping simpler!

Get all the brochures, flyers, and gift basket ideas by clicking

   Holiday Open House 
So many great ideas!  Choose the one that rings your bell and run with it!  

Tips for a successful open house *
Thank you Denise Ruby

* Open House with 25%-Off Sale *
Thank you Pat Ringnalda

* Invite with poem *   

Postcard Invitation *

Scents of the season *
postcard invitation
Thank you Pat Ringnalda

* Sense-ual Gift Brochure *

* Teachers' Lounge Open House *
Have kids in school?  Get permission to host an open house in the teachers' lounge!
Thank you Pat Ringnalda

* Reminder List For Gift Giving *
Use this at your open houses to 'remind' your guests of their 'buy' needs. 
Be sure to have a table with $15 and under suggestions for the mail carrier, teachers
(they get sooo tired of teacher ornaments, mugs, and magnets), school friends, college roommates, etc.!


Pretty As A Picture 

Holiday and Autumn Looks For Your Booking Needs

* December Booking Script *
Overcome those objections right away!

Holiday/Fall 2006 Color Looks * 

* Holiday/Fall "Surround Yourself" Flyer  *
Thank you Sherry Bailey

                               HOLIDAY FUND RAISERS                                   

* Holiday Fundraiser Instructions *
* Holiday Fundraiser Prizes *
* Holiday Fundraiser Envelope  *
* Holiday Portfolio *


For Men Only!

Deer Men Letter

Dear Hunting Postcard  

Dear Hunting (flyer) 

 Husband's 12 Days of Christmas Letter

12 Days Order Form 

12 Days Hero Option  A.
12 Days Hero Option  B.

Selling Holiday Baskets to Men
Queen For A Day - Wife

Queen For A Day - Mom
Don't forget the 12 Days of Christmas idea
in the next box!!!

Here is a script that Independent Senior Sales Director Andrea Andrews from Ooltewah, Tenn., uses with great success:

Hi, Bob, this is Andrea Andrews. You dont know me, but Im a friend of Karens. Actually, Im her Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. Do you have a quick minute? I wanted to talk to you about a gift idea for Karen. Great!

Bob, I always call my customers husbands to offer my gift-buying service. I keep a wish list on Karen throughout the year of Mary Kay products she wants and has mentioned shed love to receive as gifts.

I dont know if youve finished shopping for her _______________ (birthday, anniversary, Mothers Day, Christmas, etc.) gift, but Id love to help you out by fixing a beautiful, personalized gift basket full of products I know shell love.

I offer free gift wrapping and delivery, and absolutely guarantee all the products. If shes not 100% thrilled, Ill exchange anything to her complete satisfaction.

I can make you look really good, Bob! Tell me, is this something you might be interested in? Great!

Then simply make arrangements for payment and schedule a delivery time.

12 Days of Christmas!
Option 2

12 Days Wreath

Holiday Coffees!

How To Hold A Holiday Coffee
Guest Invitation Postcard  

Holiday Placemat 

Team Building!

Reasons to Start Now!
Holiday Pilot Program - Option 1
Holiday Pilot Program - Option 2
Christmas Sign On Bonus
Part Time Consultants Wanted
Earn $1,000 Holiday Cash
December Objections


Booking Idea    

If you are looking to expand your business ... try looking for these things! 
Scavenger Hunt *
Created by Pat Ringnalda!


  Fun Booking Game    

This is a fun AND productive game to play
at your classes and facials

Pass or Play Outline *

* Pass or Play Cards *

Thank you Deborah Rose and Denise Kucharski for sharing!


Sweet Supplement Sheet

Tuck this supplement sheet into reorder bags to remind your customers of the other great products
we offer to meet their individual skin and body-care needs.  You can also tuck it into purchase bags at 
skin-care classes for your new customers to preview before they receive their 
'check up from the neck up' and glamour appointment!

* Supplement Sheet *
Thank you Star Recruiter Jenny Kelbaugh for sharing



Compact Craze Sale   

Get bookings with this great incentive! 
Compact Craze *
Thank you Pat Ringnalda!
Color 101 Booking Tool!
* Tic-Tac-Toe *


Year End Sale   

Wind up your Mary Kay year strong and start the new Seminar year with great momentum!!!

12 Day Sale *
Thank you Sue Miller for sharing!


Booking Flyer   

Add your product label and attach to bulletin boards across town!  Why not post at your grocery store?  Gym?  Restaurant?  Library?

Booking Flyer *
Five different flyers to choose from!
Created by Cathy Koning

"Get To Know You" Slips 

Add some summer fun to your classes and facials by using this creative, fun, and helpful tool. 
Everything you need (except prizes!) is right here

'Get To Know You' Instructions *
Created by Cathy Koning

* 'Get To Know You' Slips *
Created by Cathy Koning


* Even Complexion Essence Sampler Card *
Attach samples for a great warm chatter tool
Thanks Pat Ringnalda!

* Postcard For TimeWise Even Complexion Essence *
Created by Cathy Koning

Team Building 

Imagine The Perfect Career 
Updated with new Starter Kit and new product  pictures!
Created by Cathy Koning


It's Pedi & Private Spa Party Time!

Mint Fizzy Poem
Great to use for warm chatter!
Created by Cathy Koning

Hostess Flyer/Invitation *
Mary Kay Spa Sets! 
                                                  Thank you Connie Lustig for sharing

* Pedicure Party Outline *
has scripts!

* Mint Bliss Pedi Party Outline *

* Pedicure & Spa Travel Roll Up Bag *

Mary Kay Spa Sets!
Thank you Connie Lustig for sharing

* Marketing Sheet For Spa Party *

* Summer Set Sale Placemat *


$1000 DAY?




Click on Eyes to open for Directions

Bridal Flyer

The Picture Perfect Wedding
Created by Cathy Koning


Bridal Flyer

The Picture Perfect Wedding
Created by Cathy Koning

* Color 101 For Brides *

* Facial Box Slips *

* Flyer *

* Gift Certificates *

* Bridal Class Outline *

Script for Inviting Brides *

* Bridal Consultation Sheet *


Color 101 Looks Portfolio!


A Gift of Love and Beauty

Ladies, check out this beautiful gift certificate!

Gift Certificate *
Thank you Debbie Jeter

Glamour instruction, or a great sheet to tuck in all reorder bags!!!   Click here for flyer

Click to print...Great to Laminate and use at your classes!
Click here: Smoky Eyes
Click here: Basic Eyes
Click here:
Standard Eyes
Thanks to Pam Evans





Hand out 5 goody bags per day.  Ask women to be models for your portfolio and include:

Business card tied to the outside with a pink ribbon
A snack size pkg of M&M's or treasures chocolate
The pink $5 Mary Kay Girlfriend Gift Certificate
Also include a TW skincare sample & a color look card
Imagine the Perfect Career recruiting brochure
Face Model Cards  portfolio model card to put inside
Girlfriend Gift Certificate 
Make your bags look cute so women will want them!



AWESOME Warm Chattering Idea!!!

Thank you Terri Simon for the great picture!
Attach new lip color samples to a snap ring (found in the craft dept. of walmart) and hang it from your purse!  Just watch the attention it grabs for you!

 Survey women you haven’t facialed yet about our new Lipsticks and glosses using the Hot Lips Contest Entry Forms. 

Click here for the Hot Lips Survey

Facial Bag FRENZY

 Facial Boxes - 
 You can put together these adorable facial boxes and place them in buinesses to collect names.  This one was made from the Private Spa collection boxes that were available for a limited time on Section 2.  Simply attach a pad of Facial Request Card Refills which can be purchased from Section 2 (Part # 238500 - pad of 25 for 15 cents).  Print out this FACIAL BOX LABEL on cardstock and glue onto the box.  Tie some ribbon to the end of a paper clip and thread it through a small hole in the side of the box (to secure it to the inside) and attach a pen.  Carefully cut a slit in the box with an exacto knife so they can drop the slips of paper inside.
Suggested businesses:  dry cleaners, video stores, Doctor's offices, florists, gift shops, day care centers, restaurants.  Get permission from the business owner to leave the box and check it once a week for names.  Call and follow up!! 
Note: If you don't have any of the spa boxes (I think they've been discontinued), you can make your own box and cover it with pretty wrapping paper, or use a glass fish bowl and decorate it with silk flowers or ribbons, or use a "Little Big Bag" from section 2!

Thank you to Hanes Consultant Denise Conrad for this design idea!!


Facial Bag FRENZY

for a fabulous sheet to print and stand inside one of our MK Signature "Little Big Bags"


Sign up slips for Facial Bags

Website Gift Certificate!

* Gift Certificate *

Okay, everybody!  This is what National Sales Director/Las Vegas, Rebecca Evans, gave the Directors yesterday at their workshop.  Let me repeat her thoughts on why she used this certificate.  It is similar to what has been going around - $10 free MK with facial - but hers has a unique twist to it and her reasons are just plain, good common sense. 


·        She explained that she moved to Las Vegas, left her Unit and her customers in California and decided that she was either going to give up or go up.  She decided to go up.  Being that she knew absolutely no one in Las Vegas, she had to create a way to seek out new leads.  She explained that it can sometimes be "suicide on the installment plan" when we or our Consultants use warm chatter techniques, facial boxes, etc.  The follow-up calls are time-consuming and favorable results are rare.   Plus 70% of our communication is non-verbal (body language, smiling, smell good, look good, caring, etc). 


·        She devised this plan of reaching a new customer base because it puts the ball into the prospect's court.  Her goal was to add 500 women to her PCP program via 'hits' on her Web Site... she explained that shopping from our computers is 'in' and we're not taking advantage of it as we could.  Her Certificate is for $10 free product, shopped for at her Web Site.  The clients HAVE to give all pertinent information.  For security, they put in their certificate number (these can be anything you want).  You call to see where she wants her product delivered, never mailed.  Make it up really special and then you can work the delivery as an avenue for booking a MK Event.  Body language again!


·        Rebecca handed out over 500 certificates (she said as Directors we could easily do a 100 a week (Whew!  No wonder she's a National!!)  Out of that 500, she had over 350 hits to her Web Site, got over 250 bookings and secured 6 off-springs in one year!!


·        Of course, the twist is the product needs to be chosen on line.  Only those who want it will shop for it and you've got a definite, and probably, successful lead without using the telephone, plus she's on your mailing list!


·        This is the explanation she gave for money output:  Say you get a 10 hits out of 100 handed out.  Without any other purchases (which is rare) that cost you $50 wholesale.  She asked, "How long would you normally spend on a telephone trying to secure leads?"  And, "How devastating that can sometimes be to your esteem?  Most discouraging, right?  "Is your time worth $50 for a 10 hits on your website using the tried and true MK Image body language?  And you have a definite interested prospect!"  It made sense to me!!


Okay, here's her dialogue (With pin on, MK Image, Go Bag)


"I don't know if you noticed but I'm with Mary Kay.  Are you on anyone's Mary Kay mailing list?" (tilt head to left, squint eyebrows together as if really concerned) 


If no, "So you don't have a Consultant servicing you?"  (If yes, then follow MK Golden Rule, but have her encourage her consultant to put her on the company's Preferred Customer List)


If prospect says no, (Intake of breath,) "You don't!"  (hand over heart)


"I'd love to put you on mine.  I send my Preferred Customers 4 quarterly catalogs, each with a great gift with purchase, lots of samples and the latest in glamour.  How would that be?" (Bite lower lip)


If prospect says yes, say "My catalogs are on my Web Site, plus so much more.  May I give you a Gift Certificate for $10 and you can go and shop at your convenience?  What do you think you'd like to purchase - a lip gloss, a new mascara?  When you've made a product choice, just check out, type in all your information, just as you would if you made any other type of purchases online, but tell the computer that you'll be contacting me for payment choice... that's when I can deliver your product FREE."


Thank her and tell her you will be looking forward seeing her certificate being redeemed.  


Not very intimidating, is it?  You'll also see that we can go ahead an get pertinent information if she's willing, but that's not imperative.  If she's interested, she'll hit on your Web Site... WOW, does this ever take the heat off both parties in a conversation.


Rebecca's second idea was also masterful.  She lines up all her personal guests to her success Meetings in the first 10 days of the month.  To each prospective guest she offers a $30 Shopping Spree on her website, delivering the guest's products on the night of the guest event scheduled and only when she actually comes.  Do you all see how efficient this is?  First, she DEFINITELY will come;  second, another hit with all information into your computer!!!

Well, you can see I was excited.  I hope you are as well.  Now, we just have to put it into action.  I've sent a very detailed likeness to what she handed out for her certificate.  She does have hers perforated at the end so she can write notes to herself, or to take down information.  We would have to 'score' it unless anyone of you has a perforator.  Also print this off on quality card-stock.  Hers is pink parchment like.

           Thank you, Pam Perkins, for sharing!


Summer is here and there are several
Fabulous New Summer Products! 
Please be sure to order as soon as possible! 
Your Customers will appreciate the fact that you have these new items on hand.

Makeup Artist Robert Jones Techniques

Makeup makes a woman feel good about her self.  Find your best feature & work with it.  Some women think makeup is far to difficult to master.  All you need is to break it down, use the right tools and right products and correct techniques.

Every woman is beautiful and she needs to remember that and to embrace her own personal beauty.  Self confidence is the first element of true beauty.  Cosmetics are to enhance the features God gave you not change them.

Most important thing to remember is it’s about the colors you choose & where you place them. Never about how much makeup you put on.  Simple & Natural means your makeup palette should be suited to your complexion and should change with each season to compliment the change in your skin’s natural tone.

Basic way…..cleanser, moisturizer, concealor , foundation, powder, brows, eyes, cheeks, lips.

Sometimes you can start with the lips….wear a bright lipstick and do your eyes softer.  Or opposite.  You can also do the eye makeup first and then do moisturizer, concealer, and foundation under the eye area to brighten.   In other words there is no set way to put your makeup on.

The Words

Matte is used to describe lipsticks, eye shadows, foundations powders and blushes that have absolutely no shine & appear flat.  Lipsticks tend to be drier but stay on longer. Matte finishes are best on oily skins and skins with imperfections

Shimmer is the opposite of matte.  It has iridescent particles and looks superb on dark skin

Satin refers to a formulation that is neither flat nor shiny.  Satin eye shadows are great on older skins because they glide on

Pearlescent are not as shiny as shimmer but have a definite glimmer.  These liven the skin and are in eye shadows, cheek colors and lipsticks.  Look wonderful on Asian skins but appear too light on dark skins

Gloss is a super high shine with short staying power

Iridescent is maximum sparkle and super shine but will draw attention to fine lines

Metallic describes lipsticks, eye shadows and eye pencils that have a shiny, metal finish.  Looks great on ebony or darker skins but too harsh for lighter or older skins.

Foundation evens out your complexion and covers imperfections.  If you have oily or blemished skin choose the matte.   Normal or dry you can use any kind.

Dewy refers to foundations that create a fresh and glowing look with a slight sheen.

Luminescence describes foundations with light reflecting qualities that create a glowing, refined look.

Sheer is a thinner & more transparent finish .  It helps older skin look brighter and less lined and it’s great for younger skin that just needs a little evening out.

Opaque provides absolute coverage , allowing nothing to show through.

Concealer is a miracle product that hides everything your foundation doesn’t.

Powder  is for setting foundation giving a smooth finish and keeps shine under control.

Blush adds a warm glow and a gentle shaping to the face.

Eyeliner defines and brings out the eyes but is not always necessary.

Eye shadow enhances and adds shape to the eyes.

Mascara can give full, long, thick or dark lashes.  Use an eyelash curler

Lip Color  quickest way to set the mood for your overall look.

Texture the finish a product gives you….the way it appears on your skin

Foundations             Liquid is suited for all skin types…also available in oil free.  Crème specifically for drier complexions….can be made sheerer by applying with a damp sponge.  Crème to Powder has a creamy texture that dries to a powder finish so powder is usually not needed.  This is kinder to oily skin than their crème counterparts because the powder cuts down on excess shine.  Powder Compact is a dual finish powder-foundation that gives a quick sheer to medium coverage wet or dry.   Dry …it is perfect for young girls because it’s low in oils and doesn’t clog pores.   Pigmented Mineral Powder is simply loose powder that adheres to the skin.   The most natural looks in foundations reflect beige, neutral or yellow tones.  The only time you might need a slight pink undertone is at the very palest level.  Please emphasize that pink based foundations and powders will make the skin look older.   Yellow based foundations work well on almost everyone.  If your skin contains natural yellow undertones, you should definitely avoid foundations that are too white because they’ll make you look chalky and ashy.  Most ethnic skin has strong yellow or golden undertones.

Concealers are for different areas on face.   Apply 1/8 “away from the lash line   use brush …. Will close eye in.   Don’t lighten under eye bags….it makes them more visible, instead lighten the shadow of the bag underneath with a lighter concealer to take away the appearance of the bag.   Apply precisely to the dark circles , never below

Powder is indispensable.  It is absolutely not a step to skip.  Makes makeup last longer

Liquid eyeliner will stay the longest and look the most dramatic.


Go team, go!