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Erika's Elite Fleet Unit

Hostess and Show Info


Click Here:  Closing Sheet Angelee is using
at her Shows

What a way to get your

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Click Here: 

White Tower - $3.65
• Black Tower - $4.10

• Gold Tower or Silver Tower $7.30

Here's the Fall Revised 

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Hostess Coaching - by Sarah Hjelle-Bjorgaard

Sarah's Hostess Coaching Tools
CLICK HERE:  Coaching For Success
  (How To Coach & What's In A Goody Bag?)
CLICK HERE:  Tracking Your Hostess Coaching
CLICK HERE:  Outside Order Form

Hostess Coaching Tools From Section #2:
1.  It's Girl Time Brochure
2.  Appropriate Inserts (Hostess Plan or Hostess Gift)
3.  Quarterly Hostess Gift
4.  It's Girl Time Invitations

Putting Together A Hostess Packet:
Hostess Brochure
Personal Note
Double Sided Outside Order Form
Business Card
Look Book
Beauty Book


1. You'll want to send or hand out "Hostess Packets" to those you feel confident will have guests.  Giving her a Hostess Packet to early without confirmation on guests could make her feel that having a class is to much responsibility or work.  You want her to know this is going to be FUN and PAMPERING for her and her guests!!

2. Notice in the company literature that we are no longer saying the words Skin Care Class, Hostess, etc.  Be choosy of your words!  Maybe just ask them if they have a couple of girlfriends who would want to join them for pampering!  Then tell her you'll mail her some info on what she'll get for FREE - NOT that you'll be sending a "Hostess" Packet!

3. If you can get the guest list from her at least a week ahead of time - YOU can send out the "It's Girl time Invites" to her guests!  Be willing to do the work!  Then follow up and pre-profile!  You'll have a much better class with guests who trust you from building the rapport prior to the appointment!


Basic Placemat - Page 1 *  Placemat - Page 2 *  Summer 2006

** Cadillac Rollup Bag Placemat *  Updated 8/22/06

CLASS IDEAS:*  Hollywood Divas!  *     * Hollywood Diva Invitations *
Glamour Makeover Class with a Hollywood flare!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun- Party Options Flyer

Class Basics

Opening the Class
The Class
Table Close
Individual Close
Packing Checklist

UPDATED!!! The following Book-2-Look "free gift insert sheets" have been updated as of June 2006!  They include booking and sharing the opportunity incentives to INCREASE the value of their free gift INSTANTLY at the show!  Awesome!


We use the"Book 2 Look" Envelopes at all of our Debuts and Celebration Parties ... Guess What?  WE BOOK EVERY SINGLE PERSON!     
......YOU CAN TOO!

1.  CLICK HERE to print your lables for the outside of your 6X9 envelopes. (thank you Dana Watkins!!!)
We print the labels on FULL SHEET LABEL paper, then cut them out and attach to the front of the envelopes.  This works better than "already made" labels.


2.  Make up 20-30-40+ envelopes!

3.  At your skin care class or party, say:  "OK, how would you all like to win ___________?" (a free Microdermabrasion set.... $100 in Mary Kay, etc?)

4.  Say:  "Great!  Everyone take 1 envelope and don't open in not...take one, do NOT open it, okay.... let's start here with you, Susie." Continue around the room until everyone has selected an envelope.

5.  Say: "OK! My goal is to do 30 faces in the next 30 days!  If you will allow me to practice on you, put your name on the envelope  - remember, in EVERY ENVELOPE THERE IS FREE MARY KAY AND IN ONE OF THESE ENVELOPES IS THE FREE _________!  If you will have 1 friend join you, write the number 2, if you will have 2 friends join you, write the number 3, if you will have 3 friends join you, write the number, 4, and so on.  REMEMBER, EVERYONE WILL GET SOME FREE MARY KAY FOR SURE!  AND... YOU ALL ARE HELPING ME WITH MY HUUUUUUUUUGE CONTEST AND WE WILL ADD UP THE NUMBERS HERE IN A MINUTE TO SEE IF WE GET TO 30!"

6.  AFter they get finished, go around the room and add up the numbers on the envelopes.  If it is for instance, 25, then say:  "Great!  We are at 25 faces! I only need 5 more faces to meet my contest goal!  Can anyone add 1 more face?"

Guest Invitations - Help your Hostess confirm her guests for a successful class!  Print these postcards on cardstock and mail to her guests!

Coach Your Hostess

Independent Senior Sales Director Amy Haynes of Greensboro, N.C., says it’s important to coach your hostess so she will know what to expect from her skin care class. She says coaching your hostess not only can help make the skin care class more profitable, it can also result in a new recruit! Here’s what Amy suggests:

Initial Coaching

  • Deliver a hostess packet. Call your hostess to ask if you can stop by for a few minutes to give her the things she needs for her class. Be sure to include Beauty Books and a product sample. Amy usually includes a Hand Cream with Sunscreen SPF 4 sampler. Quickly explain the contents of the hostess packet, emphasizing hostess points and outside orders.
  • Get your hostess excited about inviting her friends and earning hostess points. Point out that bookings from her skin care class can boost her hostess points. Show her your hostess point calculations from another class to give her an example of what she could earn with two bookings and outside sales.
  • Stress commitment. Let her know that your time is limited and that you won’t let her down.
  • Ask her for a guest list. Remind your hostess that you will call the guests three days before to complete their skin care profiles. Tell her you will do everything you can to help build her guests’ enthusiasm about the class.
  • Encourage outside orders. Show her how it can increase her hostess points. Remember, you can use her outside order list for referrals at a later date.
  • Find out what she wants. Does she want the hostess gift special or particular products? Remind her that you will do everything you can to help her earn what she wants with her hostess points.

Telephone Coaching

  • Call your hostess three days before the class. Make it a quick, but effective call. Let her know how many people you have contacted and who will be coming. Get additional names to fill in for those who cannot attend.
  • Check on outside orders. Remind your hostess that outside orders will help her earn hostess points.
  • Be excited. Let her know you can’t wait to help her earn what she wants.
  • Confirm the time you will be arriving. Always arrive at least 30 minutes before the skin care class begins.

Pre-class Coaching

  • When you arrive to set up for your class, greet your hostess with a smile and a sincere compliment.
  • Briefly review the hostess program. Check on the status of outside orders. Make sure all the names, addresses and telephone numbers of those ordering are included. Let your hostess know you can’t wait for her to get her product or order her hostess gift special. If she qualifies for the hostess gift special, you may want to order the gift at the skin care class so other guests can see what they can receive by holding a class.
  • Personalize her facial. You may want to let her select color cosmetics while you set up.
  • Drop recruiting hints. Ask her to watch you tonight to see if she might like doing what you do. Ask her which of her guests would be good doing what you do. Offer her a small gift for any person she suggests who becomes an Independent Beauty Consultant.

Don’t Forget To

  • Secure a guest list. Guest lists make the class happen. Without it you can’t call to preprofile, you can’t confirm, and you’ll probably have a disappointed hostess.
  • Keep in touch. Regular contact with your hostess is essential. If you express little interest in holding the class, she may cancel. Make her feel so special she can’t possibly cancel. Use your guest list as an excuse to keep in touch with her during the time between her booking and her class.
  • Offer her the Mary Kay career opportunity. You’ll make a big mistake if you pass up the chance to help her change her life. What if someone hadn’t taken the time to share the opportunity with you?

Skin Care Class Be?
Get Boooooooked Up Now!
Get Booooooooooooooked Up Now!
Get Boooooooooooooooooooked Up Now!

Show Info!

Look How one lady Decorated Hers!!!! Cute!

Click Here:  UPDATED!!!
Hostess Apron Guide

Use the 'Ever Pondered Pink' Information sheet!
click here for the Ponder Pink Guest Sheet


CLICK HERE:   Hostess OPTION!  Hostess specials for this Holiday season (thank you NSD Sherrill Steinman!)  Need bookings to hold on original date?  Need an order from EVERY guest?  It is all included in THIS hostess flyer!  It's a GREAT option for you!

CLICK HERE:  Coaching your hostess to success!  Thank you NSD Tammy Crayk for your awesome suggestions to coaching with success!  This has all the great details on making your class stick and become 100% successful!

CLICK HERE:   Shopping Show AGENDA IN DETAIL (how to do a Holiday Show)





Click Here:  Outside Order Form with Hearts   


Coaching $75 for $25- Hostess Flyer by Pam Shaw


Traditional 10% 15%  20%  Hostess Credit Click Here:   Hostess Flyer from MK   

Click here for the "Left - Right" Career Information Game to play at your Classes!

(you can actually make a "game" out of this at your shows!  the person with the most names gets a gift!  have a time limit like 30 seconds or 1 minute and have a cute tied-up gift with a bow!)

Use the card when asking for referrals at classes AND when delivering re-orders.
Tell customer about your goal to finish ... 1st car, Star Consultant, Cadillac etc ... as well as your goal to finish 15, 30, 60 or 100 FACES. Also say to her, because you are such a wonderful customer and you love the product, I am certain that you have friends and family that you could refer to my business. If she will give me their names and sign the postcard, I will mail it and follow up with them in a few days!!  
Print your Postcards!
Thanks Wendy Watts for this idea!



Party Option Flyer

Beach Party

Hostess Credit
Hostess Tips
Class Outline
Booking Scripts

Eyes Cream Social

Ice Cream Personality

Kiss & Tell

Lipstick Marketing
Lipstick Personality 1
Lipstick Personality 2

Trading Faces


War on Wrinkles

Winning The Age Game

Las Vegas Legs


Bridal Class

Bridal Looks 2006  

click here
2006 version

to Book

 Bridal Brochure

Bridal Flyer

Bridal Flyer


 Bride Postcard

 Bridal Booklet #2

Bridal Classes


Before & After Make-Overs

Page for Picture

Click Herefor your list of Positive Question Openers
from NSD Arlene Lenarz

FOCUS on 20 Appointments in YOUR DATEBOOK at all times for a successful Business!

ALL Successful Collection Preview Materials are posted below:

What Could MK Rocks Parties Do for You???...        
  10 Parties on your books -
Potential of 100--120 NEW Clients
(conservative est.)
Items Needed:
---15 travel roll up bags filled and ready to ROCK by end of week!
---18-20 Satin Hands sets (separate from roll up bags)
---4-5 of every color in our glamour line
---2-3 of each fragrance
---Facial Cloths, Beauty Books, The Look, sales Tickets, Customer Profiles
and a MONEY BAG!!!!


5 New Rocks Parties:
 Potential of 50-65 new Clients!!

Items Needed:
--5-8 Travel roll up bags filled by end of week
--10 Extra Satin Hands sets
--2-4 of each color
--1-3 of each fragrance
--Facial Cloths, Beauty Books, The Look, sales tickets, customer profiles....and $ BAG!


3  "Rocks" Parties on your books -
 Potential of 30-35 new Clients!!
Items Needed:
*4-6 Travel roll up bags filled by end of week
*5 Extra Satin Hands sets
*1-3 of each color
*1-2 of each fragrance
*Facial Cloths, Beauty Books, The Look, sales tickets, customer profiles..and $ BAG!

How much $$$$ do you want to make?    Do you have what you'll need for one of the above plans?    These are the next 6 most exciting and awesome months before you want to get ROCKIN now!!!    As quickly as you are booked, ordered up, call me so I can reserve your ROCKS for your winners!!!!   

Are you as excited as I am about your Success--- at your fingertips???  

  Color 101 Look Books
                      Thanks Donna Bayes

Why not take all of  old Look books and tear out the four looks (it takes two books to do this, since two looks are back to back). Next, place them in a portfolio in page protectors and will have "looks" for ladies to look through to pick a look for their facial.

When consultant Rebekah Bayes did this & used it for the first time, she had taken the portfolio to work and seven co-workers had thumbed through the pages looking at all of the seasonal looks.  They each picked the one they wanted to do, and Rebekah packaged up all the samples into little snack bags. It's even better if you still have the appropriate Color 101 card with samples attached. But, the snack bags and loose samples work, too.

Every one of her ladies showed up for the class and sales were over $1200!  They each came to do their pre-selected look! It was so organized because Rebekah already had their glamour ready, with the name of the look and their name in the bag.

have made my own Looks Book.
Print off a Color Look Mount for each page.  
Tear out the picture of the model and paste to this page (double stick tape works well).  
Then, cut out the instructions for the look from the back of the Look Book and mount it on the same page.
Insert them into a page protector.
Add a coveryou can place in the front of the book.
click here for cover and mount sheets

Keep adding to your book with each
     new quarterly Look Book!!
You can categorize the Looks according to hair color, eye color and skin tone.  This way, you will know a certain look will look great on a new client. This is a great way to move discontinued products. Keep the Look in the book until you've moved all of those colors!   A terrific plan to work on those 100 and PINK NEW FACES!!!   WaHoooo!   New Year/New YOU!   PERFECT Timing!

Go team, go!