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Erika's Elite Fleet Unit

THIS IS OUR OLD UNIT SITE: To View New Site Consultants visit Thank you!


Greeting from the WebMistress! Greetings from the WebMistress

Raising Red
Independent Beauty Consultants or Independent Sales Directors with at least one personal team member who achieves the Movin' On Up! Challenge will receive special recognition at Career Conference, a name-badge ribbon, and a Raising Red seat cover.

*Print flyer*

We're ROCKIN the Courts and Breaking Records this Year!
Mary Kay Inc. has challenge our Unit to
This means we have been challenged to a
$10937 Wholesale December!!!
It's all about REACHING STAR by Dec. 15 and SELLING CelluShape this month!!
U Can Make your Dreams happen

It will Be a December 2 Remember!
We will INCREASE our Business...
                                     . . . . . . . And DOWNSIZE
our Thighs!



Wholesale Goal

New Consultants In

New Consultants Goal



(For MK's Challenge!)

Month Ever:



Highest Year $322,000!
Goal: $1/2 Million Club!

I've Decided it's Time,We've crossed the Line! No Turning
                           Back, We're no longer in lack! 
Vision, Dedication, Excellence and Fun This Race we're in is already WON! Together we'll make it, United we'll stand,
On that stage, Hand in
                           Hand Thank you God for giving me, Hope in you, Belief in WE!
National Area HERE WE
                           COME! 2008... IT'S ALREADY DONE!!!
WHEW, I have cold chills just thinking about it! We've lots of work to do :)
                           I am so up for the challenge...
I am claiming it and stepping into our Greatness, You deserve the best!
Love, Erika :)

The CelluShape COMPANY CHALLENGE Begins...!

Dec. 13th
NouriShine and CelluShape on Your Personal Shopping Sites!
In an email from Greg Franklin, VP of U.S. Marketing at Mary Kay Inc., we were notified that our PERSONAL WEBSITES (customer shopping sites) will feature the NEW PRODUCTS EARLY ON DEC. 13th~~!!!!
SOOOOOOOO, if you don't already have YOUR SHELVES STOCKED with the:
you will want to get online and order them up NOW!!!! And, order them by the truckloads! 
I have already personally sold several CelluShape sets, and ooodles of the NouriShine Lip Glosses! 
What EASY SALES they have been!
When you have ordered AT LEAST 30 CelluShape Systems by March 15, you will win the
Mary Kay Inc. Company Challenge Necklace (seen here!)
If you have completed the challenge by Feb. 28, you will receive SPECIAL CAREER CONFERENCE RECOGNITION TOO!
My customers have bought these products so easily because:
  • Every customer wanted to "lose 1/2 inch on each thigh within 12 weeks...guaranteed!"
  • Every customer was excited to get their CelluShape set at an "Introductory FIRST TIME PURCHASE PRICE from me at $49 instead of $55"!!
  • Every customer was super happy to hear that the NouriShine glosses were "SUPER SHINY AND NOT STICKY!"
  • Every customer was thrilled to hear that the NouriShine glosses "reduced WRINKLING OF THE LIPS"!!!!
  • Every customer was excited to know that the NouriShine glosses "were creamy and had 80% MORE MOISTURE than the former glosses"!
  • Every customer was tickled pink to find out that "they could get some of their favorite colors in the new NouriShine formula PLUS HEAR ALL THE NAMES, AND SEE THE REAL PRODUCT IN PERSON (since I had my inventory!!!) OF THE NEW COLORS!!!!"
  • THE FAVORITE "NEW NOURISHINE SHADES" SEEM TO BE (in my customer base):  , BERRY SPARKLE, SWEET RAISIN, STARRY, CORAL ROSE, SUGARBERRY... plus the former shades of Pink Diamonds, Beach Bronze and Cream & Sugar!!!!


  I hope this message finds you "pulling your hair out" with EXCITEMENT about your business!  December is such an AWESOME month to book, sell, and team build!  In fact, MANY Consultants & Directors have their BEST MONTH EVER in December!  Are you focused on having your best month ever?  Well I hope that the ideas that I am going to share with you below will get you on the books if you are are not, or will get you even more excited about bringing home a STACK OF CASH for the holiday season!  *Even a Consultant who works her business "spare-time" (2-4 wholesale orders a year) can bring home extra CASH with the Silent Hostess Program!

If you haven't already gotten your 5 appointments booked - then don't wait another day!  The longer you wait - the less likely it is that you will be able to book and get them held before the 22nd of December!  If you want to bring home some serious CASH you've got to get on the ball today!  If Skin Care Classes aren't getting your customers excited - then focus on Holiday Makeovers, or Holiday Shopping Coffee's, or Holiday Trunk shows...etc! 




CCall your customers. Its wise to do a sweep through every customer the first week of December to be sure they have enough of everything to get them through the holidays. You might check on their gift needs at the same time and tell them that you have wrapped gifts and stocking stuffers for their last minute emergencies. You might say, Do you have everything you need to look gorgeous during the holidays?
Order as early as possible anything you need for your own gifts and for your customers and their gifts. Make sure to stock up on limited-edition items early because they are, after all, available for a limited time only. Remember that the distribution centers will be closed a couple of days for the holidays. If you still need things, order early!
Use your time wisely. Remember, the holidays last a couple of days, not the entire month. If you take off the entire month, you might regret it in January. You might want to go ahead and book appointments for January with customers who want to start the new year off with a new look. Imagine what that will feel like to open up a full datebook on January 2nd!


Notice the needs of the people with whom you come in contact. December can be a great month to build your team! When someone tells you they want to wait until after the first of the year, then you might say, Great! We can start the paperwork now so you'll be ready to begin the first of the year.
Treat those on your gift list to a Mary Kay product gift. It will not only be welcome, its smart money management! Not only can you purchase quality gifts at a 50% discount, but those gifts increase the variety of products your recipient tries and this can mean additional orders for you over the next months.
Determine your prize goal in the quarterly Star Consultant program and plan your orders now. Be sure to check your totals to see if youre on-target for the second quarter of Star Consultant status ending December 15th. You dont want to miss out on special Seminar recognition as part of the Star Power Contest!
Organize for maximum effectiveness! This is the time of year that we usually have to wait in lines: at the post office, grocery store, shopping, etc. Always have something with you that you can do as well as business cards, Beauty Books, eye color and lipstick samplers that you can use to book someone with whom you are waiting in line. Also, bunch all of your errands so they can be done at one time.
Wherever you go, you may want to carry stocking stuffers with you. Make them quick and easy. Put them in cello bags, add some colorful shred and tie them with a ribbon.
Notify me, your Independent Sales Director, what is going on with you this month and what your goals are! I'd love to hear from you.




2nd Quarter Star Prizes
September 16th-December 15th

to Track Your Star!


CLICK HERE:  Sarah' $10,000 Cash Plan
CLICK HERE:  Holiday Shopping Coffee Info
CLICK HERE:  Holiday Shopping Coffee Confirmation
CLICK HERE:  Holiday Create A Roll Up (For Shopping Coffee)
CLICK HERE:  Holiday Book Show
CLICK HERE:  Secret Santa Wish List
CLICK HERE:  Happy Halloween HO HO HO Invite
CLICK HERE:  Color Open House Invite
CLICK HERE:  Vertical 4 x 11 Open House Invite
CLICK HERE:  Favorite Things Gift Portfolio
CLICK HERE:  Holiday Color 101 Portfolio Pages
CLICK HERE:  Please Think of Me Holiday Postcard
CLICK HERE:  Affection Fragrance Survey Card
CLICK HERE:  Christmas Piolet Program
CLICK HERE:  Dacia's Ticket Marketing Game For Classes




The VISION Movie
The DREAM Movie
The DASH Movie
The PINK Movie
The Interview With God Movie


Thanks to Gretchen Runkle, Sales Director

Example of Cleansing Cloths Sampler Package.
 *  Order plenty of Cleansing Cloths from Company.

 *  Order 5" x 7" Cellophane Literature Bags at
These bags are sealable, and you can mail them as is!
  *  Buy candy.  (Candy that you would love to receive, that will stand up to the
abuse your purse can bring.  Plus, choose candy that won't leak out the candy
 or the smell of the candy onto the sample).

 *  Print Cleansing Cloths Sampler Cards shown also below on card stock. 
Use paper cutter to cut out
 Cleansing Cloth Sampler Cards easily and professionally (four per page).

*  Have plenty of your Business Cards 
to put in the bags.

 Assemble dozens.  In each Cellophane Literature Bag place one whole Cleansing Cloth, one Cleansing Cloth Sampler Card, Your Business Card, and one piece of candy.
You may also want to add a discount card for their first purchase.

*Cleansing Cloths Sampler Cards*
Cleansing Cloths Sampler Details*
*25% Discount Certificates for Cleansing Cloths*
Cleansing Cloths Label*
Cleansing Cloth Coupons*

Thank you to everyone who helped in 
making our fashion show a HUGE
success!  We raised $300!!!






You Are Invited To Our
STAR Consultant Party!

*All Consultants in our Unit who are STAR CONSULTANTS quarter ending on September 15th,

will be invited to attend a our Star Party at Tim Shafer's at the Lake restruant on Oct 20th!

It's gonna be such a great time with your sister SUPERSTARS! BE A STAR THIS QUARTER






Bigger, Badder, Bolder

Seminar 2007 Our Year To Claim It!


$500,000 Unit Club / 50 Star Consultants
100+ Unit Members Strong / 6th Unit Car Earned
Consultants With Customer Bases of 100
5 Consultants Completing 3+3+3 EVERY Month!


New and Improved!
Dash out the Door!

Printable Flyer
Thanks Dacia Weighandt

Mary Kay has lined up GREAT prizes and recognition when we add 48 new team members to our Unit before June 30, 2007!When we stay on track with 16 new team members before November 30th, YOUR participation earns you an elegant "48" pin with crystals!

"4" Qualified In Aug!



1. Cindy Luna

Jennifer Hendrix


2. Dedrie Upright Jeannie Sanders
3. Elaine Perrine Heather Hier
4. Jessica Quiroz Heather Hier
5. Cindy HarrisJeannie Sanders YES!
6. Jenny Vestal Jeannie Sanders

7. Elizabeth Conrad                         Irene Conrad         

8. Mandy Hendrix                             Jennifer Hendrix   YES!

9. Elaine Davis                                   Joy Turner   

10. Becky Bailey                               Jennifer Hendrx

 11. Jaine Graham                              Erika Thompson YES!    

12. Cary Johnson                               Jennifer Hendrix                          





Click Here to Print 




For more info on Recruiting Notebook, see the
"Recruiting" Section in the Tool Bar!
I have recently added some new documents to my Personal Recruiting Notebook!  Here are the following documents you may find helpful;
A: Click Here:  Angelee's Picture Pages
This is a great example, I recommend you build your own! Add fun, friends, pictures of star prizes, your car goal, weekly accomplishment sheets, etc.
B:  Click Here:  IT'S A CHOICE 
(Showing this page to your prospects shows that choosing a Mary Kay business is choosing a different PATH for their life - you now DO HAVE CHOICES!  Show the pictures and check and discuss how THEIR life could change for the better!)
(You and your possible new team member can fill this out AT THE INTERVIEW and you can show her where and how she can fit the Mary Kay business into her current situation!)
D:  Click Here:  CAREER PATH
(This sheet is perfect for the DETAIL ORIENTED person or the LEADER.  They would love to see how they can go from point A to point B in the Career Path.  Personality types "I" and "S" wouldn't be as interested in this sheet in the beginning. )


Comfort Zone


I used to have a Comfort Zone
where I knew I couldn't fail,
The same four walls and busy work
were really more like jail.
I longed, so much, to do the things
I'd never done before
But I stayed inside my Comfort Zone
and paced the same old floor.
I said it didn't matter
that I wasn't doing much,
I said I didn't care for things
like diamonds, cars, and such.
I claimed to be so busy with
the things inside the zone
But deep inside I longed for
something special of my own.
I couldn't let my life go by
just watching others win!!
I held my breath and stepped outside
to let the change begin!
I took a step and with new strength
I'd never felt before,
I kissed my Comfort Zone good-bye
and closed and locked the door!
If you are in a Comfort Zone
afraid to venture out,
Remember that all winners
were at one time filled with doubt.
A step or two and words of praise
can make your dreams come true,
Greet your future with a smile,
success is there for YOU!!!

to repeat to yourself Each Day:

"I'm active, I'm attractive and I'm in demand!
I'm a mover and a shaker and I work my plan!
I sell them and I book them and I share the dream,
I'm excited, I'm ignited and I'm leading my team!
I'm a woman on a mission, I will reach my goal,
I have power, I have purpose and I'm on a roll!!!"



Think Big,


Dream Big,


Act Big


and Do everything BIG!!


It serves no one to do small or be small.
Small thinking, Small doing, small being....can not serve God, you, your family , your church or others..... Be a woman of positive influence by doing big - being big - and giving
big!  Think about it...

Somer, Carol and I Rockin' it out!
In memory of our Beloved Leader
and Friend Carol Robertson

“The Mary Kay attitude showed me how to find the best in every situation. Attitude is one of the most valuable lessons we can learn and pass on. Work and keep the dreams in your heart, the blessings will come.”

Words of Wisdom from Carol in her debut as a

National Sales Director.

 $500,000 Circle of Achievement in 2006
Beating Our Best for Carol & Brian!


We live in a society that is used to doing whatever feels good right now. But instant gratification never brings lasting satisfaction. If you operate in self-control through the power of the Holy Spirit living in you, you will choose to do things that contribute to the goal that you have in mind. You must discipline yourself now so you will reap the reward of reaching your goal later.

Paul taught, “Do you not know that in a race all the runners compete, but only one receives the prize? So run your race that you may lay hold of the prize  and make it yours” (1 Corn 9:24) Stay focused on the goal. God will give you the grace to continue moving toward it.

~ NSD Carol Robertson




Unit Goals

$16,000 Unit Production,

10 New Unit Recruits,

12 STAR consultants

We can do it!

Positions Currently Needed in our unit to build to a $650,000 Unit

2 Future Directors

3 Team Leaders

10 Star Recruiters

15 Senior Consultants

65 Star Consultants (17 per quarter)!

Where do you see yourself? Step up and Reach Out to be a Part of our Huge Goal!

Out of the rut

Just because you
've always done it, doesn't mean you must
continue. Be willing to change, and you'll open up a whole
new universe of possibilities.

It can be easy to become stuck in a rut. And when you're in
a rut, the only things you can see are the other things in
that rut.

Yes, it takes a little effort and courage to climb out of
that rut. Yet when you do, the view expands tremendously.

Go somewhere new, and countless opportunities suddenly
appear. Do something differently, and all sorts of great new
possibilities spring up.

If something is working out well for you, by all means stick
with it. Yet also be open to new and different people,
places, methods and things.

Energize your mind and your spirit on a continuing basis.
Climb out of your rut, and take a look around at the big,
wide, beautiful world.

Ralph Marston

The Elite Fleet Unit
Growing into all God intends for us to be!

Are you considering the possibilities of starting your own business?
Would you like an additional income?
Do you want to LOVE what you do?
Are you looking for some amazing friendships?
Do you want to get out of your comfort zone?
Do you want to earn the use of a company car?
Do you desire personal growth?
If you answered "yes" to any of these questions then please follow the link above or below to read more about our amazing business opportunity.  Keep an open mind and consider the needs of other people in your life that would love or need an opportunity such as this in their life. 

Full Name:
E-Mail Address:
What topics should we concentrate on adding to the web site:

Go team, go!