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Erika's Elite Fleet Unit

Great Websites

Check out these sites for great information, motivation, and ideas!
  • LOADS of great ideas and handouts in the training center!!!
  •  For Great handouts and training! Check out many of the top director websites for lots of goodies always! 
  • for the cute little cello bags we use for our hostess/recruiting packets, door prizes and warm chatter bags. 
  •  a cool site for business building organization
  • Searching for a discontinued product? Try
  • Consultants giving rave reviews on a source with consultant tools!
  • OF COURSE our unit webpage which you are on!

The best place for information is

How To Add 5 Team Members in One Month!

How to add 5 beautiful and excited team members yet this month and earn a GOLD MEDAL,
do ALL these things this month!:

1- Commit, orally and on paper:
To your Director and sister consultants
.....Announce that you will earn a Gold Medal this month. Does anyone want to run with you?
   To your Family.....Tell your family you will working very focused on a goal and are counting on their support and help by telling you often, "YOU CAN DO IT!"
   Write memos all over your house, in your car:  "Gold medal in (Month)!"  "5 beautiful team members in (Month)"

2- Know why you are doing it.
How will it benefit your business, your confidence, your progress?  Where are you going?

How it will benefit other women - many want to be home for their families, have more control over their lives, leave a job they hate, have more money, be able to give things to their families like college educations, special vacations, etc.

3- The best prospects are those who you have facialed.
   a- Every day, book at least 2 new sharp women.  " I would love to offer you a complimentary facial!" 
   b- Before you start her facial, tell her that she is so sharp, you would love to work with her.  "Watch what I do, and see if you might enjoy having your own business."
   c- Interview her right after the facial- or for sure get her booked to listen!  Do this until you have recruited 5!

4- Existing customers are perfect;they like the product, like you, and know what you do.
&nbs p;  a- "I am now becoming a............with Mary Kay and am hand-picking the women I want to come with me.  I have chosen YOU!  I think you will be wonderful.  Let's get together and at least talk about it.  There is a free lipstick in it for you."
   b- "Judy, we have a special program at meeting this week I know you would love. Please come. You may even see how much fun we have and want to be part of our Company.  I think you'd be great!"

5- Work with the numbers.
   a- Interview 20 to sign 5.  Your expertise grows with your experience.
   b- Bring guests to everything.  Ask 10 to bring 1.  4 will say yes, and by 5 PM of the day, you will be down to 1. (Normal stuff!)  Pick her up!
   c- Have a long prospect list.  Add to it.  Work on many at once.  Make a star for every recruit. 

6- Have a sense of urgency.  What's in it for her to come in now? Figure 3 reasons for each prospect and tell her. 
   a- Most possible team members want to be convinced. They are afraid and want you to tell them it will be OK to spend $100 to try something new and different!
   b- Do not take NO personally.  Go on with a smile and a sense of destiny.  THIS WILL GET DONE!
   c- Be a duck who swims gracefully around with a smile, even when it rains.  Under the water she is paddling like crazy!  You are the most positive, committed person in Mary Kay!

7-Visualize what you will do with your 13% bonus "LOVE" check every month plus a new FREE Pontiac VIBE Career Car, or the cash compensation ($375/month instead of the career car)
Use it for something special for your family.
Start a rainy day retirment or emergency savings account.
Save it for a new home downpayment or furniture for your home, etc.
Plan a special trip or cruise for later this year paid for in full by your sharing bonuses!

Enjoy the great feeling of accomplishment on the last day of the month when you can say, "I DID IT! I earned my GOLD MEDAL!"

Go team, go!