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Erika's Elite Fleet Unit

New Consultant Page


New Consultants Center

Welcome To Our Unit!

Welcome to the to Mary Kay!   We are so excited to have you as a part of our Awesome UNIT!  I am so excited to mentor you into the position that you desire!  Your excitment is just the beginning of great things to come!  Here are a few things to focus on before your Starter Kit arrives!

13 Steps to Jump Start Your Business

 (Check off your list as you go)



Listen to the enclosed Training CD and have your 1st training phone call with Erika to determine your inventory needs. You will want to do this right away, because you can get a LOT of free stuff with your first order, but there is a time limit!

Make your decision within 1 week and then work with your Director to place initial order to be sure you take advantage of all first-time ordering bonuses!


Set up Mary Kay Web Site:

Log on to and set up personal Mary Kay web site for only $25.00 your first year.


Complete First Steps:

Log on to and complete the steps for First Steps including signing up for free mailings.


Open separate Bank Account:

Go to a bank who offers accounts with FREE checking and a debit card. You should keep your business and your personal finances separate! 


Order your Business Cards:

(Be sure to include web site address on cards) - business kit is recommended


Make a List of Everyone you know:

(These contacts will be the start of your new business.) Don’t pre-judge…and make a special mark next to those people who you might like to have on your team.

Set up 5  practice interviews with Erika


Schedule Debut Date:

This is the “grand opening” of your business.  Invite all of your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors (everyone you know with skin!).  Please call Erika or your recruiter to schedule a date for her to do your debut/first show with you!


Send out your Invitations:
Attached is a great invite script to call everyone you know with skin....also attached is a wonderful invitation to mail out

Script for Booking Your Grand Opening .pdf

Invitation for your Grand Opening Invitation.pdf


Become Familiar with the Products:

  • Use all products, head to toe
  • Study the Look Book and Beauty Book to become familiar with the products


Listen to Training CD and Attend NC Training:

CD's are found in your Starter kit.  It is imperative that you listen to this valuable training.  Listen while you sit in traffic and work smarter rather than harder!!

Attend New Consultant Training


Attend Success Meetings:

Attend Thursday your first meeting to receive your MK pin and more training.  See calendar for next available meeting.

Meetings are not mandatory, but Consultants who “show up”, “go up.”



Stay in touch with your Director:

I work closely with those who are working. Don’t hesitate to call with questions. *Turn in Weekly Accomplishment Sheet every week!



Have Fun and Enjoy this Business!

This is an amazing opportunity and you deserve to reap all of the benefits it has to offer. Remember that enthusiasm is your best sales tool! Concentrate on helping others and in doing so, you will help yourself!


Your Responsibilities:
Decide time, place and date...confirm date with me!
Print, address, and mail postcards.
Choose 2 week time frame to hold 5 practice interviews.  Using a highlighter, block 8-10 time slots.
Have your moneybag with sales tickets, calculator, pens and $20.00 in small bills and coins to make change.
Mark your date book with all available dates for facials, classes and interviews.
Put together Hostess Packets.  Use double pocket folders or print roll them up and tie them with a pretty pink ribbon.  Use the simple hostess pkt.

Put together Recruiting Packets using a double pocket folder or gold envelope.

Make 8 placemats in clear sheet protectors.
Click below for a GREAT placemat (front & back)!

Have your Starter Kit out with products on display.
Prepare light refreshments (no alcohol please) and light snacks.
Set up your black trays and mirrors w/ styrofoam trays in them if doing a debut class.
Purchase a roll of double-sided tickets for raffle drawings.


Washcloths-medium in color, not too cheap in texture. OR my choice... Disposable clothes from MK!
Extra lrage cotton balls, headbands, sponge wedges, q-tips.
2", 3-ring view-binder for all your training material.
Color carrier ($39 on website under MK Connections) and tackle box for glamour storage.
Letter size manila envelopes for receipts for taxes.
Small calculator.
Pack of pens.
 double pocket folders for team building packets.
10 pretty folders with pockets inside for hostess packs or you can get bags from MK or to put them in. They are also available for purchase at our meetings!

New Consultant Training
Satin Hands Challenge
Satin Hands Challenge Instructions...

Here's your first Challenge!! Pamper yourself with a Satin Hands treatment (instructions and Satin Hand sampler will arrive in your Showcase) and then treat 25 women with the same! Script:   "I've just opened my own business teaching skin care with Mary Kay Cosmetics out of Dallas, Texas and as part of my initial training I need to get your opinion on our Satin hands treatment," After you've demonstrated, "The set retails at $30 + tax. Would you like one for yourself or do you have a friend in mind to give as a gift?" Checks are made out to you. Once you've ordered, product will arrive within two weeks.

Work full-circle from the start. In other words, take it to the next step by saying "You've been so great to give me your opinion. My director suggested I start with the 25 sharpest women I meet to get their opinion on our skin care and skin supplements and how they compare to what you are currently using. Is there any reason why we couldn't get together for a mini makeover? Which would be better for you this week or next? Day or night?" Book exact time, but most importantly, you're in motion! Congratulations and Good Luck!

Okay, it's time to purchase your inventory!  How much? What do I buy?  The following document will help you make a wise inventory decision to fit your business needs. 
Value of Good Inventory

A great visual of your inventory options from my awesome director girlfriend Anglee... Click Here:  New Consultant Inventory Decisions and 1st 15/30 Day BONUSES!!!!!

CLICK HERE:  Your Cosmetic Store 

11 Ways to Purchase Inventory (Thank you Pam Shaw) - click here

Understanding Ordering - click here for article

How to start BOOKING                         
Booking Your POWER or Perfect Start 

Booking First Hostess
Overcoming Booking Objections

COME to your Success MEETINGS... They are a Party Planned by your director each week especially for YOU! Check out our current calendar for details...

Meeting Etiquette

Dress for Success
Wear Mary KayŽ products. Keep nails manicured, lip color fresh and hair styled. You’ll want to wear professional attire.

Share the positive and eliminate the negative. Everyone comes to a meeting to be encouraged!

Listen Attentively
Talking, whispering and interrupting are not a part of Mary Kay.

Enthusiastic applause adds excitement to any meeting. We all love applause!

Talk to prospective team members in a positive way. Make them fell special without saying you are trying to “recruit” them. Let a new team member know you are honored that she is a member of your team, and that you believe she will really enjoy this business.

Company Promotions and Prizes
Appreciate all you receive whether it excites you or not. To say otherwise would be unprofessional to guests and sister Consultants.

Children are wonderful, but classes and meetings are no place for them. Please arrange for their care elsewhere.

Cell Phones
If you must carry your cell phone into a meeting for an emergency contact, please be certain to answer it quickly and quietly, and politely leave the room to carry on a conversation.

Team Spirit
Be a team player and go the extra mile for your sister Consultants and your unit.

Thank you for abiding by the above principles that make our meetings wonderful and a place of professionalism where you can be proud to bring your guests.

Move Up In Your FIRST MONTH! Benefits & Rewards
Senior Consultant (1 recruit)

WEAR:  Black Suit W/ White Blouse
4% Love Checks
Senior Consultant Enhancer
On-Target Red Jacket (2 recruits)

WEAR: Black Suit W/ White Blouse
4% Love Checks 
Red Jacket Order Form
Red Jacket / Star Recruiter (3 recruits)

WEAR:  Red Jacket,
White Blouse & Black Skirt
4% Love Checks
Star Recruiter Enhancer
Reserved Seating @ Functions
Red Jacket Debut
Gifts From Other Reds

Earn your Pearls with the
as a New Consultant!
 in your first 30 Days!
(pearls available to NEW CONSULTANTS ONLY! Wow!)


Mary Kay Intouch EMAIL and WEBSITE- Get email address

I would like to suggest that everyone log onto
and sign up for their personal MaryKay email address.  It will NOT change anything about the email address you already have..... It is NOT an actual email/internet provided.... it is just a "middle man".

Also, you can get a totally professional Mary Kay official website for only $25 your first year! To see the look of a website visit IT is Beautiful! All consultants should have one!


New Consultants this is so much fun!!!  NO more Paper Overload! Just click below and visit the Mary Kay Community and the click on MK Learn!  Or log on to and click Learn MK.   It's just that simple and you will find all the answers to everything you want to know about your business.   

Money Management 

How to Create Your Money Tree -
Click here (Tammy Crayk)

Getting Financially Fit
Weekly Accomplishment Sheet Instructions

Weekly Accomplishment Sheets
Example Business Tracking Register

Miscellaneous Tips on Money Management
Your Financial Education Newletter -
click here




Focus Notebook
You've recently started your Mary Kay business. Like most new consultants you are feeling totally overwhelmed right now. And you have questions: Who should train me? Where will I get ideas from? What are the best techniques for me to use? What do I have to do, and how do I manage my life while I do it all? And you know you have to get the answers to these questions, but don't know whom to ask or where to start.  This document will help you create a notebook that will help to resolve this concerns. Click here...

Time Management  

Time Management Begins With Your 6 Most Important Things List - click here

Thanks for the reminder Sonja Mason

Your Mary Kay products are an investment in your future, so be sure they're protected.

Most homeowner and auto insurance policies do not cover the cost of replacing your Mary Kay product inventory.
Product Protection Insurance offers you peace of mind that your business is secure.
Protect your products in case of an unexpected disaster such as fire, theft
or flood.
Plans start as low as $30 per year.

For more information, call 1-800-697-4549. Available to residents of the U.S. and U.S. territories only.

Tools for your inventory and how to get organized!!  we will go over this in detail at new consultant training -but if you are in a hurry and can't wait to get organized, the basic things you need are:  a tacklebox (that's right, a tacklebox - in the fishing section at wal-mart) and a few stackable drawers.  the tacklebox will house your color cosmetics and the drawers will hold your skin care that's NOT in your complete collection bags... when you go to a show, you will have your bags - full except for color, your tacklebox and your drawers...if you like you can get one of those 66qt containers to carry it all - put your 3 drawers on the bottom, your bags and tacklebox on top  and you're ready to SELL, SELL, SELL!  (Thank you Deni Bayer for the pictures!!!!!)

Pictures of How To Pack & Set Up from FESD Jodi Even:
Thank You NSD Cindy Williams!

Cosmetic Caddy  [Part #210600]
Additional Color Collection Merchandising Bag  [Part #921900]

Some consultants stream line what they carry to their classes by replacing their big Starter Kit with the Acrylic Cosmetic Caddy and the Color Collection Merchandising Bag. You can take the retail products you demonstrate and place them in the caddy. Place the "pre-packed" face
case mirrors on the bottom of the Color Collection Merchandising Bag and place the filled Cosmetic Caddy on top.

To Pre-pack your Face Case Mirrors simply add your styrofoam tray, your facial cloth, your folded profile card, pen, and headband or hair clips inside the case before you close it.  In your initial shipment you only received 4 Face Cases.  You may want to purchase one additional Face Case with each order you place until you reach 10 cases on hand.

Storing & Transporting Your Demonstrators & Products: 
Thank You NSD Cindy Williams!

Color Collection Merchandising Bag holding Face Cases, Cosmetic Caddy Filled, Foundation Samplers, Hostess Gift, & Misc Papers.

Cosmetic Caddy filled with Retail product to demo on Clients.  This Caddy also includs the Day Spa set (last pocket of roll up bag) and the Velocity Products so you are prepared for younger clients at your classes.

Quick Zip Bags (found in your Starter Kit) for foundation demonstrators, concealers and applicators.   The top left Quick Zip should hold Ivory & Beige Medium Coverage, the top right holds the Concealors, the bottom left holds extra brushes and samples, and the bottom right holds the Full Coverage Ivory & Beige foundations.  *You will have to adjust the foundation shade that you carry based on where live and the skintone of your clients.  All four of these bags should fit comfortably along side your Filled Cosmetic Caddy in Color Merchandising Bag #1.

I will also take
one additonal Color Merchandising Bag that fits my full size Travel Roll Up Bag inside of it along with my Glamour Brush Set as a Booking gift, my money bag, and any other additonal paper work like team building packets and hostess packets.  Then it's as easy 2 bags and that's it!

The Plano Over and Under Tackle Box is a portable storage for Retail Color Cosmetics.  You can usually find them in the fishing or camping section of your local discount store and are very inexpensive.

To the left shows a picture of the Tackle Box Filled. This will help you transport your items to and from Skin Care Classes in a much more timely fashion.   

This Plano Organizer Tray is a great addition to your tackle box and can be purchased seperately in most locations.  It's great for brushes and other small items.

The organizer can nestle into the same tackle box shown above which is pictured to the left.

A Second Tackle Box can be used for Foundations, Concealers and Powders.  This way almost everything that is small and glamour related can be carried in two tackle boxes.  The Foundations, Concealers and Powders in the tackle boxes are shown below to the right.  

*Keep in mind that you will want to be careful with the HOT summer months and the very COLD winter days that the temperatures will have an affect on your Lip & Eye Liners, Eye Brow Pencils, Lipsticks, and Lipglosses.  I keep these items in an insulated bag or in a small igloo cooler.  All of my inventory stays in my car and when I am done with my class - I just excuse myself and fill all of the bags from my car at one time.

TAKE NOTE:  Mary Kay now has AWESOME Packing Travel Bags for your inventory too!!!   Go to www.marykayintouch.comand look under MKConnections.... they are incredibly professional
Ways to display your products at the Grand Opening Debut...
You may want to display your inventory this way (thanks Jamie Perkins for this awesome display of her 1800 initial order):

OR DISPLAY THIS WAY (ASHLEY SANDERS TABLE BELOW- she began with 3600 in her first month) with all Color 101 Looks displayed around the table! Great idea! Travel Roll Up bag behind with Color 101 looks filled, ready to go - they match the color cards you get in your starter kit!  How smart!  What your people try on, is here to buy and take home!


Go team, go!